Sunday, January 24, 2016

1/18/2016: Buenos Dias!

Buenos dias les de Dios :) Good morning to all! Happy Monday to you all!

Well pday was a good day. We got up bright and early to go to the market. We had done all of our shopping by the time we wrote home, it was a nice change of pace. We went to lunch at Santos / Diablitos like always and then we got a call from the old house owner. I had called him a million times to tell him we moved out but he never answered so he finally called from a new number wanting to know what happened. The point is that I was stressed because we had to move out some beds and I didnt have the means of doing it. In the end, the zone leaders and the members helped us get all of the mission stuff out of the old house. We played Uno for a bit and then we ate pupusas. The elders of Israel joined us at an appointment to help explain the Priesthood to a recent convert, Alex Hernandez. 

Tuesday we had a really spiritual zone meeting. I was able to learn a lot and feel the Holy Ghost. My district leader, Elder Aldous, spoke about how we need to be concecrated missionaries. We read the description of the word concecrated and it means to dedicate and sanctify to righteousness. The sister training leaders talked about love. This gospel is a gospel of love and as missionaries we need to be sure to share and show our love for those around us. When people can feel that they are loved, they change. 

Wednesday we had morning study session with Mama Spjut. She wanted to sit in and participate in an English companionship study. We learned a lot of things from her, she is a really special and spiritual lady. She taught us about 15 points of Almas discipleship in Mosiah 18. We then did our weekly planning and made all of the plans and goals for this next change that we are beginning. We had some good lessons, went to our ward council meeting, and then we came home to a surprise. Our toilet had flooded and we came home to water streaming out of the front door. So we got to do some unplanned mopping. We called a member to come check it. He ended up getting sprayed with water that shot up out of the back tank part of the toilet. It was seriously sooo funny. 

Thursday I completed 15 months in the  mission. We played Uno with the Gochez family. The elders happened to be there because we always run into them while doing our visits. We are basically a companionship of 4. Anyway, we spiced things up and the loser of each round had to drink salsa negra )worchestershire sauce=. All of us gringos lost. My companion and Elder Isom both drenched their clothes on accident with the sauce. I managed to just drink it. Lets just say it wasnt a spoonful of sugar haha 

Friday we did a quick service project. We spent the entire morning putting together signs and paper cut outs for a youth activity. We started out as a disaster but in the end we had a good system going and it was a success. In the afternoon we went with a recent convert who is now attending a different church. It is sad that they have easily changed their thoughts and their desires. We have a lot of work to do! 

Saturday we went out visiting bright and early with the young women. We did like 5 visits in about 2 hours and that is when I decided I wish I had a car in the mission. It would make life a whole lot easier. It was fun to be back with the jovensitas. I was able to get to know some new people and a new part of  my area. We contacted a reference that we got from a member. Her name is Esmeralda and she is really great. We clicked with her and she told us she would go to a mutual activity and to church. We went to mutual and she was happy and having a good time with the young women. I also got to see a member from Espana while I was there. It was so good to see him and Papi Obispo. Many people have touched my life here and I am so grateful for each of them!

Sunday we brought Esmeralda to church. She had a good time and felt the Spirit. In the afternoon we taught the Restoration. I was kneeling and teaching while using a puzzle to explain. By the end, my legs were soo dead. They had completely fallen alseep. The Holy Ghost was there in that lesson and I know that Rosa and Mario felt it. We also helped our investigator, Nicole, move houses. They moved everything over in one afternoon and we helped get them a little bit more organized. One of the elders grabbed a single couch and tried throwing it on his shoulder. As he did, he realized it was heavier than he thought. He began to lean backward, but in slow motion. His comp tried to save him and then Elder Reyes and I busted up. I was laughing soo hard. 

Life is good. I am doing the same old same old. Working, walking, laughing, and eating yummy frijoles.  It was a quick week spent with really great people. The gospel makes us happy. I love you all and I hope all is well. muah!! 

Hermana Ferre 

1/11/2016: 15 MONTHS!!

Hello hello! Just so everyone is aware, I basically have 15 months in the mission. How did that happen?

So Monday was a normal day. We ran all of our errands and then we made pupusas from scratch with Bethssy. Lets just say that I didnt have the touch to begin with, but I learned. I am a little bit more Salvadoreana so get ready to eat yummy pupusas. It was a lot of fun to be with the members and the pupusas turned out great! We had a few things that we needed to buy from the hardware store for our new house so we went to the "home depot" here in El Salvador. Just imagine two gringas walking into a hardware store. ALL eyes were on us. Everyone thought we were lost but little did they know, I knew exactly where to go and what to do. It was so funny.  

Tuesday we had our district meeting. Our district leader invited us to give 
a spiritual thought on faith in missionary work. My comp and I rocked it. After the district meeting, we did companion exchanges. Hna Sheehan came here to Paraiso with me and Hna Vincent left to Espana. Hna Sheehan and I found so many new people to teach and we managed our time really well. We had an experience where we said goodbye to a less active member. So normally after saying goodbye, you leave. Well there was a truck in front of us in the street that kept us from walking away from the member. It was so awkward and it gave me the giggles. Bethssys house flooded so we helped a little bit to clean and mop the floor.  

Wednesday we had a birthday celebration for Ishma. He doesnt like celebrations but we had a homemade hamburger cena and sang him happy birthday. We had a fun day. The whole fam was there so it was a good time! We also found a really chosen guy. His name is Jonathan and he is really down to earth. He is 17 and he told us that he attends a different chruch but that he wants to hear the message. We found him because my companion felt impressed to talk to him. He was one of the very last street contacts we did and my companion says to me "he is the chosen one". And he was. I hope he progresses and can go on a mission :)

Thursday was a rollercoaster of a day. Some members out of the blue told my companion that she should go home and get married to her boyfriend. It really is what my companion wants but she hadnt been thinking about it so it threw us both for a loop. We had good lessons despite the emotional mess we were in haha. The elders decided to fast with us to help a family here in this area. It meant a lot to me that they were willing to sacrifice a little bit for some of our investigators. We visited a little old lady who is less active and she told us we were wasting our time with her and that we needed to focus on those who dont have the gospel.   

Friday we had an emotional day. We had a really spiritually lesson with Sandra and Naun. Tears and testimonies were involved. In the end, Sandra and Naun are not going to be married. Naun doesnt want to marry Sandra right now. So many things have gone down and it has me so stressed but I know that it all happens for a reason so I am moving forward with faith. I love that family so much and I just want them to have all of the blessings that I know they are missing out on.

Saturday we got up early and went to help Liz cook for an activity she had in the afternoon. I had a really got time helping. I was on veggie slicing duty. Look at all of the things I am learning on the mish. We supported the elders and went to a baptism. Then in the evening we had dinner with Sandra and Naun.(I made the frijoles and they were delish). We didnt mention anything about marriage and we all had a good time. Sandra and Naun have a backdoor that other people can use to go into Ciudad Paraiso. Anyway, there was a dog that was scratching on the door wanting food. The dogs name is Quien, which means who. So all of us joked about how quien was at the door. All sorts of jokes and comments but my companion didnt know it was sthe dogs name. So the cute little thing walks over to the door saying "quien" (asking who was knocking at the door) It was seriously so funny. I was dying laughing. I then choked on my spit and I figured it was because I didnt help out my comp. 

So funny story: I always keep our cellphone in my backpack. My backpack has two outside pockets. I always put the phone behind my agenda so that nobody can see that it is there and so that I dont get robbed. Well  we showed up to the baptism and I was talking to my mission leader, Oswaldito. He asks me for the bishops number. I reached for the phone but I didnt feel it. I started searchinge everywhere for the phone. We had just came from the bus and I was sure that somebody had robbed me.I go into panic mode and I have Sister Vincent start looking in her bag. At this point her and I are talking in English and I am thinking how on earth did that happen. In the end, Oswaldo put the phone in my face. He had taken it out of my bag without me knowing or feeling it. So lesson learned. This gringa wont be doing that anymore haha.

Sunday was a good day. We had quite a few investigators in sacrament meeting. It was the primary program, and it was so much fun. The kids were so dang cute. Everyone was laughing. The little ones bring a special spirit to our lives. We had a few meetings which felt like a normal sunday at home. They are just preparing me to be back at home, right? #baggy. During our meeting with our mission leader, he asked me to say the prayer. As I began to pray, the neighbors turned on the music super loud. After the prayer, Oswaldito said "and thats how Satan works". It is so true. There is always opposition when we are trying to do the right.   

Well things are good here on my end. It was a normal week, we didnt do anything out of the norm. Missionary work is a wonderful thing and I am loving my time here in Paraiso. Have a great week! Choose the right. Love you all! 

Hermana Ferre 

1/4/16: Heavenly Father is So Nice!

Well this week started really slow and then Heavenly Father blessed us big time. Heavenly Father is so nice.  

Monday we went to the market to buy all of our food for the week. I found a guy on the bus, I taught him about the Restoration. He then gave me his address to visit his family. I also found a cute little old lady who didnt want anything to do with the church, however, she gave me a reference. She wants us to visit her granddaughter. So the point is that public transportation is a blessing sometimes. We drank smoothies and we played some games while we hung out with the members. All in all, it was a good pday.  

Tuesday was our district meeting. The elders were eating jelly beans that had two flavors of each other. One flavor was yummy and the other was a gross flavor such as dirty socks or mucous. So gross but it was funny to watch their faces as they tried it. As missionaries we are focusing a lot right now in reactivating priesthood holders. We need more worthy and active priesthood holders in the church! In the evening we went to mutual. We were in the youth activity and then afterward we had a meeting to make a game plan for Sunday. Some of the youth are in charge of guiding all of the members to the front of the chapel. The people tend to sit in the back and there is a lot of empty space in the front. But that is going to change and it will make for a better sacrament meeting.

Wednesday was a fun day. We went on an adventure with a few members. We visited in a new part of our area so we (the missionaries) could get to know some of the members who arent attending church, AKA less actives members. I had a great time and we got a few of them to commit to go to church on Sunday.  

Thursday my poor comp got sick. She had had a cold for a few days but she woke up on Thursday not being able to walk. She felt like she was going to fall over and she was really dizzy. She also had a fever. So basically it was a boring day in the house. We went to our cooks house and she made us BBQ chicken and it was really good. I hadnt ate that in a really long time. Then in the evening we went to Bethssys house. We ended up eating ice cream with them and then they headed off to all of their celebrations. As missionaries had to enter the house at 8pm so we werent on the street with all of the crazies. I had extra time in the house to chat with Hermana Stokes and that was the highlight of my day! Oh but the best part was when I heard someone knocking on my window at 12:15am. Bethssy came over to wish me a happy new year with a great big hug! I opened the door and we talked for like 5 minutes. My companion didnt hear any of it. Good times and good memories with good people. :)

Friday we kicked butt because we didnt work on Thursday. We went to a ward activity. We convinced some of our investigators to come with us and we showed up and nobody was there. Eventually people began to show up. They played soccer outside and Hermana Vincent and I pretended to help cook lunch with some of the members. The Vasquez family brought some of their friends to the activity so we were able to meet them and put a date of when we are going to visit them. 

Saturday was a normal day. It was actually a really special day. Sandra and Nahum are a couple that I was teaching about 6 months ago. Now I am here again and I am back with them. Well Sandra is very willing and interested in the church. She wants to go to church, she wants to be married, and she wants to be baptized. But Nahum is stubborn and he doesnt want any of that. I know he really does. He just wants to be a tough guy and pretend he doesnt. Anyway, we were teaching them and trying to commit them to church. Sandra said she would go and Nahum kept making excuses. I was almost ready to give up on the begging haha when one of their kids called Sandra into a different room. Nahum then whispered to us that he is going to attend church on Sunday but that it was a secret. I seriously got the biggest smile on my face. Sandra walked in again and I had to play cool and pretend like that hadnt just happened. I was soo grateful. I know that he is being changed. I have seen the changes and I know that Heavenly Father is softening his heart little by little. The second experience was with a new family that we found. Alex y Ana. We talked about how they have had many pairs of missionaries in their home. At the end I told them that there was a reason that they have had so many missionaries and now we were in their home with them. I then invited them to think about what Heavenly Father wants from them and to pray and ask him. Alex then said to me, ÿou have a good point. I hadnt thought about it that way before¨. I know that Alex felt the Holy Ghost and that he was able to recognize that Heavenly Father was giving him countless opportunities to have the gospel in his life. 

Sunday was such a beautiful day. We got up and went for all of our investigators. Nobody answered, and one of the investigators wasnt home. We then passed by for Sandra and Nahum. As we walked up, the 3 kids and the husband were dressed and ready to go to church and Sandra was finishing up. That was the first time that that has ever happened. We left their house at 930 and made it to church taking our time. Nahum had been saying to the elders and to his family that he wasnt going to go to church, that he was going to run an errand. Well he got off the bus at the church with the rest of us and he went to church for the very first time. As we arrived, I wanted to take a picture of their family in front of the church. Their oldest son Jose was already there greeting people. We called him outside and when he saw his dad there, he literally started to cry. Jose had no idea that Nahum was going to go to church so he was completely surprised. It was the most beautiful moment. Jose was the first to be baptized and I know the rest of his family will follow his example. From that experience I strengthened my tesimony on two things. 1.the power of fasting because we were fasting when that all happened. 2.that Heavenly Father really is changing and preparing the people we love for the gospel. In the afternoon we went to visit Sandra and Nahum. The elders happened to be there. We spent a few minutes flying kits in an open field with them and then went inside to have a ¨serious chat¨with Sandra and Nahum. It was time to get down to business. We were able to put a wedding date with Sandra and Nahum. They are going to get married on January 16th, 2016. Nahum had always said no to the idea, but like I said, Nahum is changing. I almost couldnt believe it because for the 6 months I have known those two, the answer has always been no. I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father is aware of each and every one of us. He knows our needs and everything that happens is according to His will and His timing. I came back to this area for a reason. Sandra and Nahum know that as well and things are falling into place. 

I am so grateful to be here in the mission and to be experiencing moments like these with people I have come to love so much. The gospel makes us happy :) Have a great week everyone. The church is true and God loves you!  

Hermana Ferre

12/28/15: Last email of 2015!

Well I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas, I know I sure did. This week was our ¨p-day week¨. We had something fun basically everyday. 

On Monday we ran errands, got lost in the market, we went out to eat lunch with my girl Hna Stokes, and then we hung out a bit with the members before beginning to work. 

Tuesday was a normal work day. We had our district meeting in the Mena families home (really it was outside). We did a practice where 5 of us missionaries taught an investigator. We each took turns teaching a point in the doctrine of Christ. The point was to teach using the Book of Mormon. It was a fun practice! In the evening we painted our new home! The elders and the Escarate family helped us paint. We painted the house from top to bottom. We painted the family room and the two bedrooms blue and the kitchen we painted it yellow. Yeah, that was a fun but bad idea. It looks cute and it brightened things up, which is what we wanted. We finished off our day by eating pupusas with Bethssy!

Wednesday was our mission Christmas party. About half of the mission gathered together. We played games, we ate snacks and lunch, and we watched Arthurs Christmas. At the end we had a devotional and I was able to sing in the choir with some other missionaries. At night we had our ward Christmas party. There was food, music, and dancing. It was seriously so much fun. We had 6 investigators show up and they all had a great time.

Thursday was the best day of the entire week. It was Christmas Eve which is Christmas here. They celebrate with their family and with dinner on the 24th and on the 25th they all go to the beach. Anyway, I got to Skype home and see my cute fam. I was surprised and I got to see a lot more people than I expected. Merry Christmas to me! It was so good to see and to hear everyones voices. The crazy thing is that the next I see you all, I will be back home! Time seriously flies. We hung out with Bethssy and her fam. We cooked, we played games, and we taste tested chocolates together Ñ= Our mission leader invited us over for dinner. So the good news is that we didnt go hungry. It was a very special Christmas.

On Friday we woke up bright and early and went to cook Flan with Bethssy. It really is so easy and it turned out great. I got to go back to Espana and visit la familia Ochoa! It felt so good being back with them. I was surrounded by people who I love so much and who love me. We made a quick visit and then I headed back to my area. We gathered together as missionaries with Bethssy and her fam for a Christmas dinner and party. Bethssy invited us to express her love for us and so we felt ät home¨while far away from our homes. We ate cena and exchanged gifts. Hermana Stokes was supposed to show up but she never came. I was looking forward to seeing her so I was super bummed. Well as we were in the house planning at night, Bethssy and Ishmael showed up. They gave me a present from Hermana Stokes. It was a surprise and it seriously made my day! It was the best Christmas ever :) Everyone went to the beach and there was NOBODY in the streets. The buses werent running very much and the streets were so empty. 

Saturday we went to a baptism. A young 8 year old was baptized so we went to support him. My companion spoke on baptism and did great! After the baptism, we ate lunch (just so you know, we ate mac & cheese for the first time) and then the fun began. We moved! We loaded 2 cars with all of our crap, strapped the mattresses on the car tops, and walked the fridge down the street. Some of the members and the elders helped, and they were a BIG help. We are now moved in and settled. I feel so much more comfortable and at home in this house. It is smaller, brighter, cleaner. It was the fastest move I have ever been apart of. There really is no need to drag out moving haha. As we left Bethssys house, I thought I left our keys on the counter. So we got dropped off at our house in a car, walked back to Bethssys house, and THEN my comp realized she had the keys in her bag the whole time...wut. 

Sunday was an emotional day. We went to help Sandra and Nahum get ready for church. Nahum wakes up everyday at 6 or 630 but today he was still sleeping at 9. Sandra was upset because she wanted to go to church as a family. We talked it out with her and she decided to still go with us. So her and the girls joined us at church. I began to cry while sitting with her in her house before church. I love her and her family so much and I know all of the blessings that they are missing out on. That is what makes it hard! I still have faith that Nahum is going to pull through and that he is going to accept the gospel one day. At night time we went on a night walk with Bethssy to her mother-in-laws house for our meeting with the mission leader. We had gone an entire day without seeing Bethssy so we were all so excited to see each other. I love that little lady :) She treats me like family. 

It was a great week. A full week of pday! We basically lived with Bethssy. It was a happy week with lots of celebrations and memories made. It really is the best time of the year! I hope all of you enjoyed Christmas and that you have a happy New Year :) Oh and I cut my hair this week. 

Feliz Navidad y ano nuevo! Love you lots :)
Hermana Ferre

12/21/15: Feliz Navidad!!

Hola Hello! 

It was quite the week. Another week has come and gone and here we are on another Monday morning!

So on Monday I finally was reunited with Hermana Stokes. We went to the market with Mama Rosa. I literally got teary eyed when I saw Hermana Stokes. She has such a special place in my heart and it was so good to be back by her side for a bit. We laughed and joked and did all of our shopping. After that we just hung out, did some cleaning here in the house, and took a lil nap. We had an adventure in the night time. We basically got lost and it took us about an hour to get home because of the bus routes. Sometimes puplic transportation is rough at rush hour. We had a lesson with the Perez family. They are a family of 10. It is such a blessing to be teaching such a big family but it is also really hard to get and keep people focused enough to feel the Spirit. Slowly but surely we are working with them and making progress. 

Tuesday we talked to a lot of people about the gospel. We worked hard and had many opportunties to share the great message. We started eating lunch with our new cook, Liz. Her house is seriously so cute. We were on her back porch washing dishes and the door slammed shut. Well here the doors can only be opened from one side. So we had to wait for Liz to get home to let us our of her backyard haha. Then we headed our appointments and lessons. We came home and had a little Christmas fun. We sat around our little lit Christmas tree and opened our Christmas stockings from Hermana Vincents mom. Her mom planned on me being a Latina and sent black bobby pins. She is a sweetheart :)

Wednesday we did our weekly planning. I also may or may not have taken a nap. and I may not even regret it haha. We went to lunch and heard some crazy stories. It turns out a member here went to Egypt and lived there for 5 months. How cool is that? I had no idea and I was smiling the entire time that she told me her life stories.

Thursday we did divisions with some sisters while their companions went to San Salvador. I worked with Hermana Osorio from Guatemala. Her and I went exploring in a new part of my area. It was so successful! We crossed bridges and went through the woods and then we found a girl named Gabriella. She is a young mom who has twin girls. They were born with only 5 months and they are sooo small. We visited with her and she quickly accepted the invitation to attend church with us. I am grateful for moments like that where Heavenly Father blesses us with people who are prepared for the gospel.My companion and I colored our two Christmas elves and we made Olafs out of white cups. We have a Christmas tree and our Christmas stockings. This house is hoppin with the Christmas spirit :)

Friday we went house shopping with Mama Spjut. The house we are in is giant, dark, and there are one too many animals living here. So the new house is smaller, brighter, and we shouldnt have very many unwelcomed visitors. Then we headed to the office for lunch and interviews with President Spjut. We were in the office for about 5 hours. We ate lunch, had a zone meeting, and the interviews with President. President is such a great guy. He shared some of his mission experiences with me and at the end he told me he loved me. He is a very special guy and he does so much to help us succeed as missionaries. We visited the Hernandez family. They invited us over for dinner. People sacrifice so much for us and I feel so blessed. We watched the  Joseph Smith movie which helped all of us strengthen our testimonies on the Restoration. I love this gospel with my whole heart!

Saturday was such a rough day. Lots of ups and downs. We tried to visit as ward council. We had the right intentions but in the end it just used up a lot of our time. We had a little miracle happen. I was ready to call it a day when a guy came running up to us saying how he really wants to go to church, that he wants us to visit and teach him, etc. It was what I needed to hear in that moment.Heavenly Father knows each one of us and all of our needs. Some members went to EFY here so we passed by to hear some of the stories and welcome them back home! It was a long day. There is opposition in all things. We just have to move onward and upward. 

Sunday we went all over the world to bring investigators to church. Our church meetings now begin at 10 which was nice for us but a lot of the members wanted to leave early to eat lunch. All of the youth and the counselors from EFY bore their testimonies. Each youth said that after their time at EFY they have now decided to serve a full time mission. The counselors bore their testimonies as well. They had a different perspective (a lot more running around and behind the scenes efforts) but the Spirit filled the roomed and testified as each and every one of them shared their experiences. One of my converts bore his testimony. He has 2 years until he can go on the mission and he is already a power house. He is going to bless so many lives. Listening to him bear his testimony makes it all worth it. Oh and just so you know, our miracle boy from Saturday didnt go to church. #ooops. We then had a crazy night. As we went to a members home, her dog was shaking but couldnt walk or move. Someone fed him rat poison and it was already taking affect. The dog was shaking, it was foaming at the mouth, and they shoved some coal and lime down his throat to supposedly pump out his stomach. We went to a meeting with our mission leader and then headed back. The dog was doing much better. He still had lots of symptoms but he was much more calm. Close call but prayers were answered :) Oh I also got proposed to. Some guy told me to take him back to the states with me. He asked do you have a boyfriend?  I said no. He then said "take me with and then you will. Then we will get married." hahaha what.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!I  In this season of Christmas I want you all to remember that Jesus is not in a manger, He is not on the cross, He is not in the tomb. He is the tree of life, the light of the world. And He lives. 

Feliz Navidad. Enjoy and be sure to sing it loud for all to hear. :) I love you all! 

Hermana Ferre

12/14/15: 14 months...WHAT?!

Hello to all! 

It has been such a rollercoaster of a week. Sunday night Hermana Stokes and I were told that we would not have changes and then all of a sudden we were told that we both had changes. Her and I were both so sad. Many people say that they find some of their best friends on their missions. Well that girl is seriously mine. She is the one! We just had to come to El Salvador to find each other. We spent the quickest 6 weeks together as companions. 6 weeks of adventures,laughing,and memories. It was an unforgettable change. 

So the new missionaries showed up a day late which happened to be during the changes meeting. It made everything so crazy. All of us in the office were running around like crazy trying to make things run smoothly while Presidente and Hermana Spjut were in the meeting. Well as I was helping some new missionaries with their health sheets, an elder comes in and says to me, [Sister Ferre, Paraiso with Hermana Vincent[. I could not believe it! I was assigned to the same area where I was 6 months ago. It is so rare for missionaries to return to their old areas but I did.

So I was assigned back to Paraiso. It has been the biggest blessing. We are opening area but I know the area and the members from the 6 weeks that I had previously been here so we are here working hard.

My companion is Sister Vincent. She is from West Jordan and she has 4 months in the mission. Her and I have gotten along well. We are trying to adjust to each other. I think we are going to have a good change together. She is pretty quiet so I have had to be more of the talker, which has been good for me. We have had many adventures so far. The first day we got to the area, our house was TRASHED. The other two sisters destroyed the place. There was a mattress on the floor, boxes (yes multiple) of pizza and garbage, and dirty dishes everywhere. We didnt have anything to clean with so some members went to the store for us then we came home and we had a cleaning party. Bethssy, Liz, and Sandra came over to help clean the house. It took us two nights to accomplish it. I kid you not, it was horrible. But now we have got the thing back in shape. 

The members here are wonderful. They take great care of us, they love us. I am blessed and so so grateful to be in such great hands.This area really does feel like paradise.I was in this area from May to June. I told the people here that I would come back. I always felt like I would. My hope and my prayers were answered. I am back in this wonderful area and now I am working hard to find the reason why.

The church is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Missionary work is something that ALL of us need to be involved in. Repentance is real. Families can be together forever. And the Savior makes it all possible.

Sorry for the short letter home. The time just got away from me. I miss you all and I hope that everything is fine and dandy. Happy Holidays! Lots of love. Have a great week everyone! 

Hermana Ferre 

11/30/2015: Hola Hello!

Hello to all! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving :) 

Monday we had a normal pday. We went to the crazy market (my papaya exploded in my backpack), we did laundry, and then we headed to a members home. We just hung out and enjoyed some free time. We took some pictures! Blah blah blah, the usual. 

Tuesday we had intercambios. I left my area and I got to visit Palmar. I worked with Hermana Avila from Honduras. It was such a successful day!! We found a family of 6 and they all gathered around to listen to our message. Heavenly Father is always preparing His children for the gospel and I know without a doubt that that family is ready. It is moments like that that make it all worth it. I got to see some old faces and it felt good that they remembered me! We walked and walked but we had a lot of success. It was a great day! I talked to a guy on the bus because I felt like I should. Well I shook his hand at the beginning and it was normal. He ended up rejecting the invitation and not wanting to hear the message a different day. Anyway to say goodbye, I shook his hand again and it was so SWEATY. I made that kid so nervous! Haha poor guy. 

Wednesday we had a normal day. Nothing too crazy happened. We had a really spiritually lesson with our investigator Brandon. He is so full of questions and doubts. It made the lesson long but very powerul. The Holy Ghost was there. Now we just have to work hard to help him continue having spiritual experiences and to act according to those experiences. I tried a new fruit. It was white and had a funny texture but hey it was too bad. We surfed the bus again and Heavenly Father blessed us with lots of families in our path. 

Thursday we met a lady named Reina. She is a really spiritual lady, just in a different church. (She would be such a great member). We talked to her, she shared some of her life stories. As I was there with her I had a feeling come over me and the thought saying how much trust Heavenly Father has in me, an imperfect being, to help one of His daughters find the way back home. I am so far from perfect but Heavenly Father knows that and He continues helping me as I strive in His great work. We took a wrong bus and it took us forever and a day away from our area. But we made it safely home. It was actually a huge blessing! I had a reference but didnt know where the dirrecction was to pass it on the rhe elders. Anyway, in our journey we came across the colonia and I knew which elders I could pass it to. Bendiciones!! We celebrated Thanksgiving by eating grilled chiken and some instant potatoes with some members. 

Friday I woke up sick. I had some tummy issues and wasnt able to get out and work. It was the first time I have gotten sick in the mission and it was a long and boring day! My cute companion took good care of me! We had an elder who got bit by some animal and his toe turned purple and began to split open. Well get this. It comes to find out that a nurse in his ward looked it over and pulled out an entire sack of spider eggs. Is that so gross or what?? His toe now feels better haha the joys of the mission. He is a trooper! 

Saturday we helped the Ochoa family make tortillas. It is their business and they had a big event. They had to make 400 tortillas and a different lady made 600. 1,000 tortillas for a wedding. My skirt got really dirty. Mama Rosa took our tortillas to "fix them" and next thing you know she smashed them and started over. Haha I dont think we were that much of a help. But while we were there we got to help decorate their Christmas tree. It is defintely the best time of the year! And I met a cute little chubby baby. The cutest little thing and so so happy. We helped the elders with a baptism they had. Then we had the funniest moment! Hna Stokes and I were sitting on the curb talking on the phone and Anival and Paty drove by in their car. Then they backed up to us. He backed up like 4 times and as he was doing so, I told Hna Stokes that he was going to run over the open man hole. And sure enough, he backed right into it and got stuck. It was such bad luck for him but it cracked me up! A nice guy came running out of nowhere and helped lift him out. There are great people everywhere we go. 

Sunday was a good day! We did a lot of visiting. A little old lady told us that gets bored reading the Book of Mormon because of all the wars haha. We found a lady named Jesenia. She was a reference and she is looking for the truth! During Relief Society, the Obispo spoke on family and parenthood. He read from a different talk on how in the next life, the titles or callings we have now wont matter. The titles that will continue with us is that of mother & wife or father & husband. Basically the family is the most important. We have to learn and live the gospel as a family and we have to learn to magnify those sacred callings. (Or future callings for some of us). So I am inviting you all to remember your duties and responsibilities in the home. They are the most important ones of all. Oh and best news of all, one of my favorite couples here just found out that they are going to have a baby!! Best news ever! 

The new meditizar scripture for the week is D&C 58:27! 
This is the true church of Jesús Christ. 
I love you all! 

oh and I didnt proof read this email so sorry if I sound like a scattered mess haha

Hermana Ferre