Sunday, January 24, 2016

1/4/16: Heavenly Father is So Nice!

Well this week started really slow and then Heavenly Father blessed us big time. Heavenly Father is so nice.  

Monday we went to the market to buy all of our food for the week. I found a guy on the bus, I taught him about the Restoration. He then gave me his address to visit his family. I also found a cute little old lady who didnt want anything to do with the church, however, she gave me a reference. She wants us to visit her granddaughter. So the point is that public transportation is a blessing sometimes. We drank smoothies and we played some games while we hung out with the members. All in all, it was a good pday.  

Tuesday was our district meeting. The elders were eating jelly beans that had two flavors of each other. One flavor was yummy and the other was a gross flavor such as dirty socks or mucous. So gross but it was funny to watch their faces as they tried it. As missionaries we are focusing a lot right now in reactivating priesthood holders. We need more worthy and active priesthood holders in the church! In the evening we went to mutual. We were in the youth activity and then afterward we had a meeting to make a game plan for Sunday. Some of the youth are in charge of guiding all of the members to the front of the chapel. The people tend to sit in the back and there is a lot of empty space in the front. But that is going to change and it will make for a better sacrament meeting.

Wednesday was a fun day. We went on an adventure with a few members. We visited in a new part of our area so we (the missionaries) could get to know some of the members who arent attending church, AKA less actives members. I had a great time and we got a few of them to commit to go to church on Sunday.  

Thursday my poor comp got sick. She had had a cold for a few days but she woke up on Thursday not being able to walk. She felt like she was going to fall over and she was really dizzy. She also had a fever. So basically it was a boring day in the house. We went to our cooks house and she made us BBQ chicken and it was really good. I hadnt ate that in a really long time. Then in the evening we went to Bethssys house. We ended up eating ice cream with them and then they headed off to all of their celebrations. As missionaries had to enter the house at 8pm so we werent on the street with all of the crazies. I had extra time in the house to chat with Hermana Stokes and that was the highlight of my day! Oh but the best part was when I heard someone knocking on my window at 12:15am. Bethssy came over to wish me a happy new year with a great big hug! I opened the door and we talked for like 5 minutes. My companion didnt hear any of it. Good times and good memories with good people. :)

Friday we kicked butt because we didnt work on Thursday. We went to a ward activity. We convinced some of our investigators to come with us and we showed up and nobody was there. Eventually people began to show up. They played soccer outside and Hermana Vincent and I pretended to help cook lunch with some of the members. The Vasquez family brought some of their friends to the activity so we were able to meet them and put a date of when we are going to visit them. 

Saturday was a normal day. It was actually a really special day. Sandra and Nahum are a couple that I was teaching about 6 months ago. Now I am here again and I am back with them. Well Sandra is very willing and interested in the church. She wants to go to church, she wants to be married, and she wants to be baptized. But Nahum is stubborn and he doesnt want any of that. I know he really does. He just wants to be a tough guy and pretend he doesnt. Anyway, we were teaching them and trying to commit them to church. Sandra said she would go and Nahum kept making excuses. I was almost ready to give up on the begging haha when one of their kids called Sandra into a different room. Nahum then whispered to us that he is going to attend church on Sunday but that it was a secret. I seriously got the biggest smile on my face. Sandra walked in again and I had to play cool and pretend like that hadnt just happened. I was soo grateful. I know that he is being changed. I have seen the changes and I know that Heavenly Father is softening his heart little by little. The second experience was with a new family that we found. Alex y Ana. We talked about how they have had many pairs of missionaries in their home. At the end I told them that there was a reason that they have had so many missionaries and now we were in their home with them. I then invited them to think about what Heavenly Father wants from them and to pray and ask him. Alex then said to me, ÿou have a good point. I hadnt thought about it that way before¨. I know that Alex felt the Holy Ghost and that he was able to recognize that Heavenly Father was giving him countless opportunities to have the gospel in his life. 

Sunday was such a beautiful day. We got up and went for all of our investigators. Nobody answered, and one of the investigators wasnt home. We then passed by for Sandra and Nahum. As we walked up, the 3 kids and the husband were dressed and ready to go to church and Sandra was finishing up. That was the first time that that has ever happened. We left their house at 930 and made it to church taking our time. Nahum had been saying to the elders and to his family that he wasnt going to go to church, that he was going to run an errand. Well he got off the bus at the church with the rest of us and he went to church for the very first time. As we arrived, I wanted to take a picture of their family in front of the church. Their oldest son Jose was already there greeting people. We called him outside and when he saw his dad there, he literally started to cry. Jose had no idea that Nahum was going to go to church so he was completely surprised. It was the most beautiful moment. Jose was the first to be baptized and I know the rest of his family will follow his example. From that experience I strengthened my tesimony on two things. 1.the power of fasting because we were fasting when that all happened. 2.that Heavenly Father really is changing and preparing the people we love for the gospel. In the afternoon we went to visit Sandra and Nahum. The elders happened to be there. We spent a few minutes flying kits in an open field with them and then went inside to have a ¨serious chat¨with Sandra and Nahum. It was time to get down to business. We were able to put a wedding date with Sandra and Nahum. They are going to get married on January 16th, 2016. Nahum had always said no to the idea, but like I said, Nahum is changing. I almost couldnt believe it because for the 6 months I have known those two, the answer has always been no. I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father is aware of each and every one of us. He knows our needs and everything that happens is according to His will and His timing. I came back to this area for a reason. Sandra and Nahum know that as well and things are falling into place. 

I am so grateful to be here in the mission and to be experiencing moments like these with people I have come to love so much. The gospel makes us happy :) Have a great week everyone. The church is true and God loves you!  

Hermana Ferre

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