Sunday, January 24, 2016

12/28/15: Last email of 2015!

Well I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas, I know I sure did. This week was our ¨p-day week¨. We had something fun basically everyday. 

On Monday we ran errands, got lost in the market, we went out to eat lunch with my girl Hna Stokes, and then we hung out a bit with the members before beginning to work. 

Tuesday was a normal work day. We had our district meeting in the Mena families home (really it was outside). We did a practice where 5 of us missionaries taught an investigator. We each took turns teaching a point in the doctrine of Christ. The point was to teach using the Book of Mormon. It was a fun practice! In the evening we painted our new home! The elders and the Escarate family helped us paint. We painted the house from top to bottom. We painted the family room and the two bedrooms blue and the kitchen we painted it yellow. Yeah, that was a fun but bad idea. It looks cute and it brightened things up, which is what we wanted. We finished off our day by eating pupusas with Bethssy!

Wednesday was our mission Christmas party. About half of the mission gathered together. We played games, we ate snacks and lunch, and we watched Arthurs Christmas. At the end we had a devotional and I was able to sing in the choir with some other missionaries. At night we had our ward Christmas party. There was food, music, and dancing. It was seriously so much fun. We had 6 investigators show up and they all had a great time.

Thursday was the best day of the entire week. It was Christmas Eve which is Christmas here. They celebrate with their family and with dinner on the 24th and on the 25th they all go to the beach. Anyway, I got to Skype home and see my cute fam. I was surprised and I got to see a lot more people than I expected. Merry Christmas to me! It was so good to see and to hear everyones voices. The crazy thing is that the next I see you all, I will be back home! Time seriously flies. We hung out with Bethssy and her fam. We cooked, we played games, and we taste tested chocolates together Ñ= Our mission leader invited us over for dinner. So the good news is that we didnt go hungry. It was a very special Christmas.

On Friday we woke up bright and early and went to cook Flan with Bethssy. It really is so easy and it turned out great. I got to go back to Espana and visit la familia Ochoa! It felt so good being back with them. I was surrounded by people who I love so much and who love me. We made a quick visit and then I headed back to my area. We gathered together as missionaries with Bethssy and her fam for a Christmas dinner and party. Bethssy invited us to express her love for us and so we felt ät home¨while far away from our homes. We ate cena and exchanged gifts. Hermana Stokes was supposed to show up but she never came. I was looking forward to seeing her so I was super bummed. Well as we were in the house planning at night, Bethssy and Ishmael showed up. They gave me a present from Hermana Stokes. It was a surprise and it seriously made my day! It was the best Christmas ever :) Everyone went to the beach and there was NOBODY in the streets. The buses werent running very much and the streets were so empty. 

Saturday we went to a baptism. A young 8 year old was baptized so we went to support him. My companion spoke on baptism and did great! After the baptism, we ate lunch (just so you know, we ate mac & cheese for the first time) and then the fun began. We moved! We loaded 2 cars with all of our crap, strapped the mattresses on the car tops, and walked the fridge down the street. Some of the members and the elders helped, and they were a BIG help. We are now moved in and settled. I feel so much more comfortable and at home in this house. It is smaller, brighter, cleaner. It was the fastest move I have ever been apart of. There really is no need to drag out moving haha. As we left Bethssys house, I thought I left our keys on the counter. So we got dropped off at our house in a car, walked back to Bethssys house, and THEN my comp realized she had the keys in her bag the whole time...wut. 

Sunday was an emotional day. We went to help Sandra and Nahum get ready for church. Nahum wakes up everyday at 6 or 630 but today he was still sleeping at 9. Sandra was upset because she wanted to go to church as a family. We talked it out with her and she decided to still go with us. So her and the girls joined us at church. I began to cry while sitting with her in her house before church. I love her and her family so much and I know all of the blessings that they are missing out on. That is what makes it hard! I still have faith that Nahum is going to pull through and that he is going to accept the gospel one day. At night time we went on a night walk with Bethssy to her mother-in-laws house for our meeting with the mission leader. We had gone an entire day without seeing Bethssy so we were all so excited to see each other. I love that little lady :) She treats me like family. 

It was a great week. A full week of pday! We basically lived with Bethssy. It was a happy week with lots of celebrations and memories made. It really is the best time of the year! I hope all of you enjoyed Christmas and that you have a happy New Year :) Oh and I cut my hair this week. 

Feliz Navidad y ano nuevo! Love you lots :)
Hermana Ferre

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