Tuesday, September 22, 2015


This week went by so fast! We had road trips, changes, and then it was Sunday again. 

Monday we actually did a zone activity! We went to a place called Candelaria. We had to travel about a half hour in a CRAZY bus.The buses that go to Candelaria go about 100mph. It was like a .40 cent rollercoaster. We went to the stake presidents summer home and ate lunch together. Then we went on a journey through the woods and hills and we ended up at a river. and the elders got everyone dirty. 

Tuesday we were in the office ALL day. We heard a new song from Josh Groban, "You Are Loved, (Dont Give Up)". I am sure I am behind the times with it but we sure rocked out as an office staff. The new missionaries are great. They always have so much energy and ready to work. We stayed in the office until late at night so I lucked out and got to see members from Paraiso at their mutual. It was a long day, I think I was more tired than the new missionaries. We had a slumber party with the new sistas in my house :) 

Wednesday was our changes meeting. It started out really spiritual because we sang in English! President talked about how we are all the same, with the same potential regardless of our time in the mission and our leadership roles. Then the best moment happened. One of the sisters going home got the best surprise of her life. Her parents flew in to surprise her. They walked up behind her, without her knowing anything. It was the happiest reunion. The 3 of them were crying and the rest of us in that room got teary eyed. Oh and something funny. We are on the bus and I felt something touch my head. I looked behind me, and there wasnt anything. Then it happens a SECOND time. Well in the end there was a creepy guy who felt my hair 2 times. If any of you blondies back at home want to feel famous, just come to El Salvador haha 

Thursday we had our zone meeting. We read a scripture that really put us in our place. "As the Lord liveth, and as we live, we will not go down unto our father in the wilderness (return home) until we have accomplished the things which the Lord hath commanded us". I am here as a missionary and I have to accomplish all of the things which Lord has commanded me to do. Then we had intercambios. I worked in Palmar with Hermana Barrios. 

Friday we got stuck in another rainstorm. Our cute convert waited in the rain and flooding streets until we safely made it on the bus. The street was a river. Someone fell and their shoes took off and they never got them back. That answered my question as to why there are always so many shoes in the street. We had a ward council meeting and talked about why we serve. What is the reason why we serve? Why do we accept callings? It was a good little meeting! 

Saturday we had an interesting day. We had a good working day and had a meeting with our ward mission leader. We fasted together as a mission. We recieved some sad news. La niña Alicia (our convert) passed away. She was really sick and she finally made it out of the pain and into a better place. She is now resting happily. :) 

Sunday was a happy day. We got to go to church, the weather was cool. We had lunch with the elders and some members (we all cooked together like a big happy fam). We also took fun pics and videos. Something funny was when Hermana Mac Donald exlained that her username for technology is SOMEBODY-ACTUALLY. So that when she likes something it says "somebody actually likes your photo". Hahahaha I was cracking up. Only she would do that. I love her! 

I hope you have a great week! I sure do love you all. :) 

9/14/15: 11 Months Down!!

Well it is offical, I have 11 months in the mission...TODAY. Time is going by so quickly. I dont even know what to do with myself.

Lunes we went grocery shopping and ate at Subway. We came home and put together veggie bags for the week. We cleaned out the "storage room" of the house and got things ready to give away to missionaries leaving soon. We ate dinner with the Figuroa family and then we called it a day. 

Martes we started our day out right by doing Zumba as a district. I'll tell you what, the Elders were great sports about it. We danced and laughed the whole time. We then had a zone meeting. It was a meeting where we did all sorts of practices. Our biggest challenge here is the Sabbath day because everyone has a need of money. So Hermana Mac Donald and I got called on to go in front of the zone and do a practice. It was one of the most spiritual practices. We went to a new part of our area called Barcelona. Barcelona, España...(BARCELONA, SPAIN haha) We went super ugly and with the elders so we could check out the situation. It was pure jungle and we didnt find anybody. We ended the day by singing Helaman's Army with the Primary kids. 

Miercoles we went to the office. We put together all of the medicine packages for the new missionaries. We then went to lunch with Mama Spjut. We took her for a spin around town and we ate at Santos & Diablitos. She is such a special and spiritual lady. We also laughed really hard while listening to her life stories and her parenting experiences. She told us of when her son was young, he would always come in and tell her she was home. He had his friends waiting for him and then he turned back around and went out. She said she had no idea, it cracked me up.

Jueves we did weekly planning. I organized the house and starting giving away all of the books. It was like Christmas in September. Then we headed out to work! We visited a few members who are going to a different ward. We entered into one house and they were so rich! It was the nicest house. We then went to a youth activity. They had a super mutual with all of the wards in the stake. I got to see two of my converts, Jose (who now has a broken arm) and Marcela, and it completely made my day! 

Viernes was 9/11! We were dressed in our red, white, & blue and sang "and I'm proud to be an American..." We hung out with the bishops wife because she had surgery and needed someone to be with her. It was a good time. We then headed out to work. I had a CRAZY experience. So we met a lady named Leticia. We began teaching and we explained the Holy Ghost and its function/role. Well then Leticia began to cry. I was thinking "she is totally chosen & prepared" and then next thing I know she goes to Hermana Mac Donald and puts her HAND ON HER HEAD and gives her a BLESSING. I seriously almost started laughing. THEN she comes to me and does the same thing to me. My comp and I recieved "blessings" from a random lady who claimed that the Spirit told her to do it. Whatttttt?? 

Sabado we got up bright & early and we went as a district to sing Happy Birthday and give a birthday cake to Elder Vasquez, our district leader. We started working earlier than normal. Around noon we got a call from the other elders in our area telling us to be in a certain families home at 12:30. Then I hear, "you can't tell Hermana Ferre". I was like what is going on?? So we make it to the house and then nothing happens. The elders asked to see my residency card and then still nothing happens. Well finally at the end of it all, they had gotten confused thinking that it was my birtday. So those cute little elders bought me a birthday cake on September 12th and gave me a surprise birthday party! 

Domingo we went to church and we sang with the primary kids during sacrament meeting. We then headed out to work. We found a few new people to teach and we ate dinner with the Portillo family. A funny moment was with the bishop. He was looking over a list of names of people who are going to attend an activity. Well he says "Patricia Martinez... I have no idea who that is." Then next thing you know, it clicks and he realized that it was his married daughter with her new last name. Hahaha it was so funny.

The misión is great. It is hard work but it is totally worth it. The people here are amazing and I feel so blessed. Continue choosing the right and helping those around you. It is the only way to make it back to our Heavenly Father. I love you all!!

Con mucho amor,
Hermanita Ferre


Hello to all. Another week down and life is good here on my end :) 

So we had family home evening with the Guevarra family. He is in the stake presidency and he taught us about the fall of Adam & Eve. I absolutely LOVED it. We read in Genesis 3 and talked about different meanings in the scriptures. It was a special night to be in a loving home with a family who loves and treasures the gospel. It was a breath of fresh air. And they have a dog like little Roxi :) 

Tuesday we had a fun activity. We had a lesson with member and made a dinner dish from Honduras. We made the dough and then made little burritos. It was so much fun! It was a group of return missionaries, the current missionaries, & Fransico (our investigator). The 3 RM's served in Honduras so we got to hear a lot of mission stories. Oh and my companion and I had a good companionship study. We study a little bit of Revelations and D&C 77... I recommend that you all study it. It is so great to learn! 

Wednesday we headed to the office. We did some of the side work. It was a riot being with the office elders. We ate Subway for lunch and the orders got messed up big time, it made for lots of laughs & jokes. I got a funny text from an elder who goes home in 2 weeks. ("Baggy" means when you are thinking about home) so he sends this message "#awkwardmoment. That awkward moment when ur so baggy that u go to ur last interview a week early :-D" haha we had a spiritual experience. We went to a less active families home. I could have sworn I was back in the USA. It was sooo nice. Well the Rivera family have started attending church again and as we showed up the mom said to us "I want my son to be baptized, will you help prepare him and plan it?" Um YES. He is 9 years old and the cutest thing around town. His name is Wilito. We asked him what he liked to do and he said "ride my bike & go to church" :) so sweet.

Thursday was a funny day. Hermana Mac Donald makes me laugh every minute of the day! A funny story was when a crazy/drunk guy walked up to us and asked if we spoke English. Well I heard wrong & thought he was asking if we were going to church (Ingles y Iglesia... easy mistake right??) Well I responded no haha it was an honest mistake and so funny. Hna Mac Donald gave me crap for saying no we don't speak English, too funny! A giant rainstorm hit and I kid you not, we couldnt even get on the bus because it was a full on RIVER. The bus pushed its way through and picked us up. It was the craziest I have seen it, I wish I had grabbed a picture of these crazy floods.

Friday we had our zone meeting. It was a quick meeting and then we headed back to work. It was a normal and laid back day. We spent a lot of time in the street without too much excitement. Oh and our crazy catholic neighbors started chanting late at night because a family member passed away. It seriously sounded like the chant in Finding Nemo when they are in the tank together. haha 

Saturday we went on a family hunt. We went to the grocery store and pretended to buy food and then we talked to 5 families. #worksmarter #notharder At least it made for a good time! An 8 year old girl was baptized. She was so excited to be an official member. It was another laid back day for two sister missionaries in Santa Ana, El Salvador. Oh and my cute companion talks in her sleep. She actually got up and put on a shirt (while still talking) and then got back in bed. 

Sunday was a stressful day! We have to worry about investigators and converts and other families in the ward, making sure that they all make it to church and continue on the path to salvation. We had a spiritual fast and testimony meeting and then went to the Bishops house for lunch.  We got to do a little baking with the Portillo family. It was the best part of the day! We had a funny experience. I explained to a family of members that they needed to share the gospel so I let them each choose which lesson they wanted to share. Haha well the 8 year old girl chose the Law of Chasity. How is she going to teach that to other little ones her age? I nicely invited her to switch the topic haha it was seriously so funny. 

Side story: 
So we talked to a random guy in the street. He told us that we were all prophets. He was, we were. We explained that it isnt like that and that not everyone can be a prophet. Anyway, he wasnt accepting the message so we moved on with life. A few days later, a guy passes us in his truck. He slowly drove by and whispered "todos son profetas" (meaning that everyone is a prophet) hahaha the crazies in this country! 

Well have a wonderful week! Do good and share the gospel :) 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ferre


Hello to all!! Happy Monday :) 

Monday we went to lunch with some missionaries and then had time to rest and take a nap. Best hour ever! The truth is that it was sooo hot. I don't recommend sleeping during the heat of the day.  We then had to eat two dinners... who does that? Two families nicely invited us to eat but I seriously couldn't do it. I had to secretly throw food on Sister Mac Donalds plate so she would eat it. And she did, she's got my back! We were running behind on time amd we passed a family. I knew we were late so I didn't want to talk to them.  But I said "they could be a chosen family". So we turned around and chased them down. Sure enough, they were chosen. It strengthened my testimony! Heavenly Father is always guiding us, if we will just listen to the Holy Ghost. 

Tuesday we had our district meeting! First of all we made a chocolate cake to share as a zone. It turned out perfect!  The only hang up was when we forgot an oven mit. We had to use a bunch of paper towels. It worked well until it caught on fire... oops. We had to do some errands for Ismael & Rosa and their wedding.  I saw a lady during our errands and I leaned to my companion and said "she's a member" because I could see some familiar lines. Well sure enough, I called it!  She was a member from San Salvador.  

Wednesday we ran around doing so much! It was an eventful day. We did wedding errands, we talked to everyone! We put a baptism date with Margarita and helped her clean her dishes. We also had two Jehova Witnesses come up to us and contact us. They pulled out the Bible and then started speaking in English. So that was interesting... we nicely took over and taught :) 

Thursday was a day full of miracles!! We had to rub last minute errands to get all od the paperwork for the wedding. It was the day of so we had to talk with the big boss. At first he told us he couldn't help us. I prayed ans prayed. And he finally pulled some strings.  It was a PURE miracle and it strengthened my testimony that Heavenly Father is completely aware of each of us.  It was a day with lots of prayers. The wedding was a success and they were so happy! Even though they didn't kiss in the moment as "husband & wife". They did it to protect our little missionary eyes. Oh and we had to go the university to drop off papers to the lawyer and let's just say that we both felt so out of place being surrounded by young people in that kind of a setting. I am not ready to be back in the real world, I think I will just be a missionary forever.  :)  

On Friday we saw an apostle of the Lord, RUSSELL M NELSON. 600 missionaries gathered today (all of El Salvador) and we received counsel from one of the Lord's chosen servants. It was one of the most spiritual meetings. It is so special to be a missionary and to be surrounded by those who are all apart of this great work.  He shook each of our hands. He gave us all a blessing of health & strength. He blessed us to love our mission presidents and our companions.  To be obedient. To be missionaries for our whole lives. To be true disciples of Jesus Christ. To know the doctrine and to teach it clearly. To return with honor.  He then thanked each of us for our service and expressed his love for us. The Spirit was so strong and it was the best experience! 

Saturday was "saturday sleep in". We slept in until 6:25, yay!! We did a service project and it was CRAZY! We invited the youth and the elders and we went to a less active members home to clean. We totally flipped that house upside down. I kid you not,  there were trash bags and drink bottles everywhere.  There was old food, dirty clothes & dishes,  and little animals running all over. Nobody should live like that! So we took over and got it looking nice. I didn't come up with the before and after pics idea until we had finished, but we kicked butt and I conquered some of my fears :) In the afternoon, Ismael was BAPTIZED. We had a small baptism service and he was so happy. 

Sunday was a good sabbath day. My favorite part was having lunch with the bishop and his fam. They are so good to us and they feel like family! We joke around and it strengthens me to be with them. We had an elder call us. He broke out into a weird rash with hives, blisters and a swollen face. The poor thing! He is now getting better and we have no idea what the cause was. It made things interesting though.  

This week flew by. I am so grateful to be apart of this marvelous work. Miracles happen every single day! Be sure to count your blessings...name them one by one. :) I love you all! 

Con mucho amor,
Herrmana Ferre 


Well hello to all. Here is a quick update of this last week! 

Lunes we had lots of fun. After writing home, we went to the dentist with Elder Rosales to get his wisdom teeth stitches taken out. He was a champ! We then ate lunch as a district! We all shared our mission "stories" of how we chose to come on the mission.  Elder Montero shared about his sweet mom who passed away about 4 months ago. Something so recent but his testimony was so strong & powerful because he understands the great plan. Pday ended at 2pm so we worked normal in the afternoon and then ate dinner with two different families. And be proud, I ate fish. 

Martes we went to run two errands. (to pay a medical bill & to print off wedding papers). We had to go all over the whole world and when we finally got there, BOTH buildings were closed. #thatsourluck And then we went visiting an investigator in the woods.  As we left we passed a guy and just said hello. Well about 30 seconds later something hits my companion on the back! The crazy guy threw rocks at us from far away. So... that was an interesting twist in our day. We visited a few members and they shared their conversion stories. The family has 15 years sealed as an eternal family, the guy was bishop for 5 years, and they are enduring well! 

Miercoles we went to the temple!! It was the highlight of my week. Nothing beats being inside the temple. It was a spiritual experience.  Miercoles we went to the temple!! It was the highlight of my week. Nothing beats being inside the temple. It was a spiritual experience.  We also had lots of fun together.  We laugh and joke and we all come together to live the gospel. Once we got back to our area, we went to Ismaels house with the bishop. Hermana Macdonald and I were so tired! I looked over at one point and she seriously hit her face to wake herself up. Haha the mission life. 

Jueves we had a conference with President and Hermana Spjut. We talked about really completing what we came here to do. We all have weaknesses and things to better as missionaries. President Spjut always cheer us on, tells us he believes in us, and helps us to become better.  He is very patient and loving with us. A funny experience that I had was while saying goodbye to a family we are teaching.  Here it is the culture to kiss each others cheeks when saying hello or goodbye. Well this guy shook my hand and then leaned in to kiss my cheek. My companion told me that my eyes got so wide. Needless to say it was the most awkward moment of my life!! 

Viernes we went to a big office building to get birth certificates for a family who is going to be married and baptized. We then paid a hospital bill. We are finally learning the bus routes after doing all of the small errands. We had a good lesson with Ismael and Rosa (who are getting married). We bumped up the baptism with Ismael! We also had our baptism interview with Jorge. About 20 minutes before the interview he brought up coffee.  We thought for half a second that we were going to lose the baptism date but it all ended well. Jorge makes cheese for a living so he gave us and the elders each a thing of cheese. We ended our night in a meeting with our mission leader and the elders. We ended late so we had to run home like a bunch of crazies!  *we came across a guy with his family. I knew him from the hospital and then we juat casually passed by his house in our area. Who would have thought? Miracle moment!! They are the cutest family ever.*

Sabado we helped with a womens conference. My companion translated because the conference was in English. We had plans to go to a place called Barcelona. We kept getting mixed answers about if we should or shouldn't go to this place. Well we plans of going with the elders to contact a few references.  Well last minute my companion began to translate. Everything happens for a reason and answers come in many different ways from Heavenly Father. We had a baptism! Jorge was baptized. He started to get teary eyed. We had other investigators there and the Spirit was there testifying of the truthfulness of this gospel. (*I slid in slime water and almost fell. I got rust water on my light blue skirt during lunch. I tripped on rocks. And I attempted to talk to a family.  They were walking to the bus. The bus left them so I thought "ohh good, we have time to chat" and then next thing you know, the bus came backing up JUST to pick up that family. Well we missed that chance big time.) 

Domingo was a good day! Jorge Palma was confirmed as a member! We then went to a baptism. This lady is named Emma. She commented to me that I was the first missionary who went to her house and met her. The sad part is that we never went back. Well the elders went, taught her, and then she was baptized.  It was a good feeling to know that even though I didn't help her to baptism,  I planted a small seed and that she remembered me. My poor companion fell down a dirt road and I totally pulled a Karleigh and laughed and laughed. I of course helped her up but then I lost it.  

Well this week was a good one. I hope you all have a great week. Stay healthy and happy! I love you all :)