Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Hello to all. Another week down and life is good here on my end :) 

So we had family home evening with the Guevarra family. He is in the stake presidency and he taught us about the fall of Adam & Eve. I absolutely LOVED it. We read in Genesis 3 and talked about different meanings in the scriptures. It was a special night to be in a loving home with a family who loves and treasures the gospel. It was a breath of fresh air. And they have a dog like little Roxi :) 

Tuesday we had a fun activity. We had a lesson with member and made a dinner dish from Honduras. We made the dough and then made little burritos. It was so much fun! It was a group of return missionaries, the current missionaries, & Fransico (our investigator). The 3 RM's served in Honduras so we got to hear a lot of mission stories. Oh and my companion and I had a good companionship study. We study a little bit of Revelations and D&C 77... I recommend that you all study it. It is so great to learn! 

Wednesday we headed to the office. We did some of the side work. It was a riot being with the office elders. We ate Subway for lunch and the orders got messed up big time, it made for lots of laughs & jokes. I got a funny text from an elder who goes home in 2 weeks. ("Baggy" means when you are thinking about home) so he sends this message "#awkwardmoment. That awkward moment when ur so baggy that u go to ur last interview a week early :-D" haha we had a spiritual experience. We went to a less active families home. I could have sworn I was back in the USA. It was sooo nice. Well the Rivera family have started attending church again and as we showed up the mom said to us "I want my son to be baptized, will you help prepare him and plan it?" Um YES. He is 9 years old and the cutest thing around town. His name is Wilito. We asked him what he liked to do and he said "ride my bike & go to church" :) so sweet.

Thursday was a funny day. Hermana Mac Donald makes me laugh every minute of the day! A funny story was when a crazy/drunk guy walked up to us and asked if we spoke English. Well I heard wrong & thought he was asking if we were going to church (Ingles y Iglesia... easy mistake right??) Well I responded no haha it was an honest mistake and so funny. Hna Mac Donald gave me crap for saying no we don't speak English, too funny! A giant rainstorm hit and I kid you not, we couldnt even get on the bus because it was a full on RIVER. The bus pushed its way through and picked us up. It was the craziest I have seen it, I wish I had grabbed a picture of these crazy floods.

Friday we had our zone meeting. It was a quick meeting and then we headed back to work. It was a normal and laid back day. We spent a lot of time in the street without too much excitement. Oh and our crazy catholic neighbors started chanting late at night because a family member passed away. It seriously sounded like the chant in Finding Nemo when they are in the tank together. haha 

Saturday we went on a family hunt. We went to the grocery store and pretended to buy food and then we talked to 5 families. #worksmarter #notharder At least it made for a good time! An 8 year old girl was baptized. She was so excited to be an official member. It was another laid back day for two sister missionaries in Santa Ana, El Salvador. Oh and my cute companion talks in her sleep. She actually got up and put on a shirt (while still talking) and then got back in bed. 

Sunday was a stressful day! We have to worry about investigators and converts and other families in the ward, making sure that they all make it to church and continue on the path to salvation. We had a spiritual fast and testimony meeting and then went to the Bishops house for lunch.  We got to do a little baking with the Portillo family. It was the best part of the day! We had a funny experience. I explained to a family of members that they needed to share the gospel so I let them each choose which lesson they wanted to share. Haha well the 8 year old girl chose the Law of Chasity. How is she going to teach that to other little ones her age? I nicely invited her to switch the topic haha it was seriously so funny. 

Side story: 
So we talked to a random guy in the street. He told us that we were all prophets. He was, we were. We explained that it isnt like that and that not everyone can be a prophet. Anyway, he wasnt accepting the message so we moved on with life. A few days later, a guy passes us in his truck. He slowly drove by and whispered "todos son profetas" (meaning that everyone is a prophet) hahaha the crazies in this country! 

Well have a wonderful week! Do good and share the gospel :) 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ferre

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