Tuesday, September 22, 2015

9/14/15: 11 Months Down!!

Well it is offical, I have 11 months in the mission...TODAY. Time is going by so quickly. I dont even know what to do with myself.

Lunes we went grocery shopping and ate at Subway. We came home and put together veggie bags for the week. We cleaned out the "storage room" of the house and got things ready to give away to missionaries leaving soon. We ate dinner with the Figuroa family and then we called it a day. 

Martes we started our day out right by doing Zumba as a district. I'll tell you what, the Elders were great sports about it. We danced and laughed the whole time. We then had a zone meeting. It was a meeting where we did all sorts of practices. Our biggest challenge here is the Sabbath day because everyone has a need of money. So Hermana Mac Donald and I got called on to go in front of the zone and do a practice. It was one of the most spiritual practices. We went to a new part of our area called Barcelona. Barcelona, España...(BARCELONA, SPAIN haha) We went super ugly and with the elders so we could check out the situation. It was pure jungle and we didnt find anybody. We ended the day by singing Helaman's Army with the Primary kids. 

Miercoles we went to the office. We put together all of the medicine packages for the new missionaries. We then went to lunch with Mama Spjut. We took her for a spin around town and we ate at Santos & Diablitos. She is such a special and spiritual lady. We also laughed really hard while listening to her life stories and her parenting experiences. She told us of when her son was young, he would always come in and tell her she was home. He had his friends waiting for him and then he turned back around and went out. She said she had no idea, it cracked me up.

Jueves we did weekly planning. I organized the house and starting giving away all of the books. It was like Christmas in September. Then we headed out to work! We visited a few members who are going to a different ward. We entered into one house and they were so rich! It was the nicest house. We then went to a youth activity. They had a super mutual with all of the wards in the stake. I got to see two of my converts, Jose (who now has a broken arm) and Marcela, and it completely made my day! 

Viernes was 9/11! We were dressed in our red, white, & blue and sang "and I'm proud to be an American..." We hung out with the bishops wife because she had surgery and needed someone to be with her. It was a good time. We then headed out to work. I had a CRAZY experience. So we met a lady named Leticia. We began teaching and we explained the Holy Ghost and its function/role. Well then Leticia began to cry. I was thinking "she is totally chosen & prepared" and then next thing I know she goes to Hermana Mac Donald and puts her HAND ON HER HEAD and gives her a BLESSING. I seriously almost started laughing. THEN she comes to me and does the same thing to me. My comp and I recieved "blessings" from a random lady who claimed that the Spirit told her to do it. Whatttttt?? 

Sabado we got up bright & early and we went as a district to sing Happy Birthday and give a birthday cake to Elder Vasquez, our district leader. We started working earlier than normal. Around noon we got a call from the other elders in our area telling us to be in a certain families home at 12:30. Then I hear, "you can't tell Hermana Ferre". I was like what is going on?? So we make it to the house and then nothing happens. The elders asked to see my residency card and then still nothing happens. Well finally at the end of it all, they had gotten confused thinking that it was my birtday. So those cute little elders bought me a birthday cake on September 12th and gave me a surprise birthday party! 

Domingo we went to church and we sang with the primary kids during sacrament meeting. We then headed out to work. We found a few new people to teach and we ate dinner with the Portillo family. A funny moment was with the bishop. He was looking over a list of names of people who are going to attend an activity. Well he says "Patricia Martinez... I have no idea who that is." Then next thing you know, it clicks and he realized that it was his married daughter with her new last name. Hahaha it was so funny.

The misión is great. It is hard work but it is totally worth it. The people here are amazing and I feel so blessed. Continue choosing the right and helping those around you. It is the only way to make it back to our Heavenly Father. I love you all!!

Con mucho amor,
Hermanita Ferre

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