Tuesday, September 22, 2015


This week went by so fast! We had road trips, changes, and then it was Sunday again. 

Monday we actually did a zone activity! We went to a place called Candelaria. We had to travel about a half hour in a CRAZY bus.The buses that go to Candelaria go about 100mph. It was like a .40 cent rollercoaster. We went to the stake presidents summer home and ate lunch together. Then we went on a journey through the woods and hills and we ended up at a river. and the elders got everyone dirty. 

Tuesday we were in the office ALL day. We heard a new song from Josh Groban, "You Are Loved, (Dont Give Up)". I am sure I am behind the times with it but we sure rocked out as an office staff. The new missionaries are great. They always have so much energy and ready to work. We stayed in the office until late at night so I lucked out and got to see members from Paraiso at their mutual. It was a long day, I think I was more tired than the new missionaries. We had a slumber party with the new sistas in my house :) 

Wednesday was our changes meeting. It started out really spiritual because we sang in English! President talked about how we are all the same, with the same potential regardless of our time in the mission and our leadership roles. Then the best moment happened. One of the sisters going home got the best surprise of her life. Her parents flew in to surprise her. They walked up behind her, without her knowing anything. It was the happiest reunion. The 3 of them were crying and the rest of us in that room got teary eyed. Oh and something funny. We are on the bus and I felt something touch my head. I looked behind me, and there wasnt anything. Then it happens a SECOND time. Well in the end there was a creepy guy who felt my hair 2 times. If any of you blondies back at home want to feel famous, just come to El Salvador haha 

Thursday we had our zone meeting. We read a scripture that really put us in our place. "As the Lord liveth, and as we live, we will not go down unto our father in the wilderness (return home) until we have accomplished the things which the Lord hath commanded us". I am here as a missionary and I have to accomplish all of the things which Lord has commanded me to do. Then we had intercambios. I worked in Palmar with Hermana Barrios. 

Friday we got stuck in another rainstorm. Our cute convert waited in the rain and flooding streets until we safely made it on the bus. The street was a river. Someone fell and their shoes took off and they never got them back. That answered my question as to why there are always so many shoes in the street. We had a ward council meeting and talked about why we serve. What is the reason why we serve? Why do we accept callings? It was a good little meeting! 

Saturday we had an interesting day. We had a good working day and had a meeting with our ward mission leader. We fasted together as a mission. We recieved some sad news. La niña Alicia (our convert) passed away. She was really sick and she finally made it out of the pain and into a better place. She is now resting happily. :) 

Sunday was a happy day. We got to go to church, the weather was cool. We had lunch with the elders and some members (we all cooked together like a big happy fam). We also took fun pics and videos. Something funny was when Hermana Mac Donald exlained that her username for technology is SOMEBODY-ACTUALLY. So that when she likes something it says "somebody actually likes your photo". Hahahaha I was cracking up. Only she would do that. I love her! 

I hope you have a great week! I sure do love you all. :) 

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