Wednesday, January 13, 2016

9/28/15: Another Wonderful Week

So basically I cant even keep up with time. It is flying by. Here we are again, another Monday morning :) 

Lunes we went out to lunch! It was a laid back day. We had time to eat, to clean, and to chill a bit. We got together with the elders to have dinner in a members home (Pupusas). 

Martes we had a multizone meeting. Paraiso and Molino got together and we had one big meeting. We learned a lot of good things and I really felt the Spirit. There is a zone leader who was cracking me up. The zone leaders tend to walk back and forth while they are teaching. It is like a nervous habit they have. Well this one elder was so pumped up. He handed out candy and had his half smile the whole time as he marched back and forth. He is the other zones leader and it was cracking me up. We had an activity with the Primary. We made pizza and while it baked we played games. It was fun to be a kid again!

Miercoles we did our weekly planning. The rain started early in the day and it was so tempting to take a quick nap. We got to work and visited one of our converts. We had a funny experience while eating lunch. Our cook has a 3 year old. Well she was asking her mom why she wasnt in the pictures with her parents as newleyweds. Well her mom explained that she lived with Heavenly Father and she said "you always tell me that but I don't remember living with Heavenly Father". It was so funny. 

Jueves we had a spiritual experience. Our investigator Denis shared with us about his desire to choose the right and to follow Christ. The challenge is that he needs money and he is the head of the house hold. As he was explaining, I was thinking about how he is my brother. Heavenly Father loves him so much and Denis needs this gospel so he can return home. I felt so blessed in that moment to be a missionary, here in El Salvador. We also went with the Ochoa family. Ismael is a new member and it has been special to watch his family begin their coversion process. Heavenly Father really does touch and change their hearts. I had been a little bit stressed about not having people to teach and then it hit me that I had an amazing and loving family sitting before me, wanting to learn. I am blessed! 

Viernes we had a baptism! Wilito was baptized. His parents are members but they just returned back to the church. Well Wilito chose to be baptized. It was a family activity, the whole fam bam came! It was like a baptism from home. It was a special day. The family had the opportunity to bear their testimonies and we sang a special number for little Wilito. We also had interviews with President Spjut. While my companion was in her interview, the rest of us sang around the piano with Hermana Spjut. My interview was special. He asked about my fam, my companion, all the normal questions. He was smiling and he thanked me for my work. 

Saturday we had to do some things to help the sick missionaries. We then went to a baptism interview for Hermana Rosa. We had a "girls night out" and went to the Womens Conference together. It was a great conference. I learned about our divine nature as daughters of God. This gospel is what helps each of to make it back home, to Heavenly Father. And I feel so extremely blessed to have it in my life. 

Sunday was a day FULL of miracles. First of all, I learned a lot in church. I was spiritually fed. Then one of our investigators, Genesis, runs up to me and says "plan my baptism for the 10th". We had her praying and searching for her answer. She went to the womens conference and then finally, out of nowhere tells us she is going to be baptized. Then we went out working. We have to contact every family in the street and Hna Mac and I were getting a little worn down from all the families. However, for obedience we went and talked to a family. It turns out that the family is so prepared! They told us how as a family they had been praying to find a church and that they were searching for the truth. It really strengthened my testimony. It may take a thousand times hearing no before we find those who will say YES. I love that family already. 

The weather was cold and dreary this week. A constant rain drizzle. My biggest struggle of the week was showering with ice cold water while the weather was cool and rainy. Haha

Life is good. I am seriously on cloud 9! I love you all :) 

Con mucho amor,
Hermanita Ferre

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