Wednesday, January 13, 2016

10/5/15: Conference, Insanity & Pupusas!

Hello to all those I love! 

Lunes we went to the market really early. We went with one of our invesitgators, Rosa. She was our Latina bodyguard. Then we had lunch with some of the sisters. Then Hermana Mac Donald and I got lost (really just had obstacles in our way) so we took about 2 hours to get nowhere. During our journey, a lovely bird pooped on my arm, mud got splashed on my legs, and as we walked into our house at the end of the day, there was a giant tarantula (I was not a happy camper. Hna Mac took charge and shocked it to death with an insect zapper) So that was my day. 

Martes we got bright & early to do Insanity. It was rough. Us and the 2 elders were all dying but we pushed through. We then had to run an errand to  the Centro Medico to pay the bills. Then we had our district meeting, it was the normal meeting. We spent time with some investigators. We helped make tortillas and we talked about the gospel as we worked. People need to feel and know that they are loved. And I sure do love the Ochoa family. 

Miercoles we had our weekly planning and got our life planned out. Hermana Mac Donald fell on the bus. We were riding standing up and as the bus slammed on the brake, she came flying forward into me. The whole bus was laughing at the two crazy white girls. As we were exploring a new part of our area, Hermana Mac says "hna hold on, dont move!!" then she hits me on the side of my head. She was killing a mosquito that was feasting on my eyebrow and claims that she "did it with love". :) We had a long day, nothing amazing happened. We ran to the church to use the bathroom and the Relief Society was doing Zumba so we may or may not have done Zumba for a quick 10 minutes. 

Jueves we got up bright & early to do Insanity again BUT this time with the Bishop. It was so much fun. He was sprawled out on the floor yelling that he couldnt do it. The elders were there motivating us to keep going. We then went to a members home and we got to make pupusas with her. She is the happiest little lady. She gets so excited to see us & calls out "ELDERES" with so much enthusiasm. I am basically Salvadoreña.. I've got the pupusas down to a T.

Viernes we found a family who isnt married. They have hopes to get married but the lady doesnt have papers. She doesnt have a birth certificate, doesnt have a drivers license. She has no idea how old she is nor when her birthday is and both of her parents have passed away. So she basically doesnt exsist to society. And because of her lack of papers, her 11 year old son doesnt have any records either. So sad! We went with the Ochoa family. Rosita made us pupusas and told us that she was our mom and for us to feel at home. So we spent some time with them and had a good time.

Sabado we basically spent the entire day in the church. I absolutely love General Conference. During the break, we got a Subway sandwich and called all our investigators to come to the next session. We enjoyed the afternoon session and then headed to work. My favorite talk was by Elder Holland about moms. I am so grateful for my sweet mumzy! We also may or may not have gone to the Priesthood for a quick bit. It was great! Hermana Rosa (Ismaels wife)  made the decision to be baptized today. As the baptism ended her and her family were all crying. I know she felt the Spirit testifying and confirming the choice she had made. The gospel bring happiness to our lives :) Oh and something that made my day was when a sick elder called me. I began my mission in the same area as him. Well we talked and then he says "hermana I just gotta tell you, your Spanish is great amd has improved so much. There are my gifts that we recieve in the mission and you have been blessed with the gift of tongues. He then I really surpsied him and he called me Latina. Woot woot haha :) It brightened my day! 

Domingo was such a great day. First with the conference. It was powerful and uplifting. Those men are true servants  called of God. I felt the Spirit and I was strengthened! We did some service for the Bishop and his fam. They then invited us to dinner. There were 9 of us and I kid you not, I left that house with a hurt stomach and sore cheeks from laughing so hard. It was nonstop laughing and joking. I sure do love that family. They are such special people and they treat us like we are part of the fam. 

It was another great week. Lots of love & happiness here in El Salvador. Have a great week. Keep the commandments and prepare to live with Heavenly Father again, thats why we are here on earth anyway. I love you all!! 

Hermana Ferre

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