Wednesday, January 13, 2016

10/12/15: CAKE

Happy Lunes! I cant believe it is Monday again. 

Lunes we went to the market with "Mama Rosa" and the elders. I may or may not have gagged while passing the meat. We then went shopping with una hermana, Hermana Alma. She took us to all of the "hot spots" and we did some clothes shopping. I felt like I was back with my mom. She bought our bus pass and a drink. What a sweetheart!

Martes we got asked to teach in our zone meeting. So with some nerves but a happy heart, we got up there and taught the zone. We talked about having faith and obedience necessary so that we can achieve our missionary purpose. If we want to help others come unto Christ, we have to have sufficient faith AND we have to be obedient. We made it through, the Holy Ghost was definitely there helping us. We went to our converts home and they are wonderful people. So wonderful that they fed us Well we all know that I am not a fish fan so it was a rough meal. A salty sauce with a little bit of fish... and BONES. Then we went to the mutual and had fun with some of the best members around town. :)

Miercoles we did our weekly planning and then we headed out with a member. Presidente Guevarra and his son who returned home from the mission on Tuesday. I am seriously not ready to go home. He was awkward and not sure what to be doing. We taught our convert Ismael a little bit about baptism and helped him to feel prepared to baptize Genesis. Mama Rosa gave us something to eat and as I finished eating, I realized that in my plastic
fork, there was a little worm/bug all cuddled up on the back of my fork. #parasites

Jueves we went to the office. We have a giant group of missionaries coming in 2 weeks..28. So we had to start getting things prepared. The one good news about our office day was that we ate Papa Johns pizza. They have it in a little truck here in Santa Ana. It was sooo good. Pizza Hut doesnt have anything on Papa Johns. We celebrated the Bishops birthday! It was a lot of fun. We surprised him with balloons and confetti as he walked in. We sang and then we had a good time laughing. The Bishop is so great. He is one of the happiest and most willing men I know. He was on cloud 9 dancing and singing surrounded by his fam... and 4 missionaries who are always with him haha

Viernes was a normal day. In the afternoon, while we were in a lesson, we were sitting outside teaching a mom and her daughter. My companion invited them to be baptized. As she finished...whack. She totally got pooped on by a bird! And on the foreheard. The lady completely ignored the question and quickly ran to get a napkin. So that was a fail.. an awkward fail! Lots of walking, lots of sun. Around 7pm we went on the bus and there werent very many people. So we decided to have some fun. Hermana Mac and I stood up and began to "surf" the whole ride back. No hands and we only fell like two times. We rocked it!

Sabado well I turned 20!! I dont know how that happened but I am officially out of my teen years. It was such a special birthday. I was completely spoiled and surrounded by amazing people. I began my day doing Insanity with some of the missionaries in my zone. As we finished, more missionaies showed up with a giant cake to celebrate my birthday and also Hermana Monroys bday. My 7am breakfast. Then we had a normal day. In the afternoon we had a baptism. Genesis was baptized by her grandpa, Ismael, who was recently baptized as well. The Bishop mentioned how it was my birthday and that I will never forget that Genesis was baptized on that day. We then headed back to my old area in Paraiso. Ishmael and Bethssy threw a party to celebrate mine and Micheles birthday. It was so good to be back with them. We took pics and I enjoyed every minute of it. I also lucked out and got to see a very special family that I had been teaching. The mom, Sandra began crying when she saw me. They welcomed us right in and I felt like I was back with the fam. It was the best birthday. A memorable and a happy happy day for me thanks to many special people. :)

Domingo was a good day. The truth is that every day is a good day! It was testimony meeting so I was spiritually uplifted. Then we got to work. We worked hard and invited everyone we talked to to be baptized.#visiontobaptize. We had an experience that got me thinking. We were with the bishop and his family. I kept feeling uneasy and wanted to head home.So we finally got walking home and we came across a member who was passed out on the ground, dressed in church clothes. Well I went to help him and did an assesment. We ended up calling the bishop so he could come pick him up and take him home. The member was passed out and drunk. He is someone who I felt was put together and then I realized that he too has his struggles and setbacks. I began to think about how all of us are imperfect and we all have our own weaknesses. But then I thought about how we need to lend a hand to those in need and we need to lift people up while they are down. So my message to all of you is to love one another. Love one another, show your love. We are all in this together and we have to help each other throughout this journey called life. 

Well I am so blessed. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be here and to be surrounded by wonderful people. I am definitely where I need to be :) keep choosing the right and becoming more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. The church is true. I love you all! 

Hermanita Ferre'

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