Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Well hello hello. Another week down, time flies. But I am here and I am happy. I hope you all are too! 

So Monday was a normal day. We went out to lunch as hermanas. My sweet companion was so upset about not having food. She seriously got tears in her eyes. It was one of the funniest moments. We ran some errands with Oswaldo and I had some time to take a quick nap. The best part was that a big rainstorm hit so I got to take a nice and cool siesta. We made Baleadas (a food from Honduras) with the Bishop and his family. It was a lot of fun.

Tuesday we had a multizone meeting. We had to do some juggling during the meeting with the sick missionaries. a funny story was when we went to a home. We knocked and asked for Fernando. Two little boys answered and said that Fernando didnt live there and they didnt know who he was. We then asked well do you have an older brother? They quickly responded and said yes!! We asked what is his name? They said "Fernando Antonio". WHAT! Kids these days ;) It was so funny. 

Wednesday we had our weekly planning. My companion and I had a good laugh. I was telling her about how cute Karleigh is when she laughs. How she always always starts to cry. We were cracking up. I could picture Karles perfectly! We visited investigators and we found a new family who accepted the invitation to prepare to be baptized. We have been searching for new people to teach and Heavenly Father blessed us with a cute fam. We fixed dinner with the Caballero family and I walked in and saw the most beautiful CHRISTMAS TREE!! They have already begun to celebrate the best time of the year. We sang a Christmas hymn to make the most of it. :) 

Thursday we went to the office. We got all of the medicine kits ready for the 28 missionaries who are coming in 2 weeks. We then went with the Ochoa family. We had a nice lesson and then we played the balloon toss game. Little Ismael was laughing and laughing. He loves cars and he always calls me Hermana Ferrari haha :)  It was a normal day. Nothing too crazy happened. 

Friday we found an older guy named Ciro. He was so cool! He told us about all of the places he had been and his dreams places where he still wants to go. He said that he loves meeting new people and knowing other countries. His favorite part is trying new foods. He is cool and could use the gospel in his life. 

Saturday was a rainy and cold day. My legs got filthy from all of the mud. You would have thought that we went riding and not out as missionaries. We visited a lot of members and less active members. We met a lady who is member but now she doesnt believe in God. She says why would God let bad things happen to good people. She had so many doubts and questions. And each of her doubts had an answer in the Book of Mormon. All of you should read it, it changes lives. 

Sunday was a good sabbath day! We didnt have very many hermanos in church. Some weeks we have great assistance and other weeks we have 88 people. It was a happy Sunday. We got to visit lots of members and we found a new family of gold. We are blessed! 

Some of the funny moments frlm the week. 
1. When Hermana Mac Donald kissed the bishop. (Not really but she went in to kiss his cheek how we do with all the women) 
2. When Sister Mac Donald called me mom as we were walking down the street
3. When Hermana Mac Donald offended our golden family by calling him old haha he is 40 and is married to a 24 year old. 
4. And on Monday when my cute comp cried over a burrito :) 

Life is good. Make the moments count. Have a great week! I love you all :)

Con mucho amor, 
Hermanita Ferre

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