Wednesday, January 13, 2016

10/26/15: Happy Monday

Another week is in the books. 

Lunes my companion began to cry AGAIN when she found they suggested her as a sister leader. The poor girl doesnt like stress. We went to lunch with some missionaries and we bought some things. We then chose to be lazy and to come home and sleep. It was rainy and cool and I absoluetly loved my little nap. We had dinner with the Bishop and his fam. I feel like they are my fam! 

Martes was a MIRACLE day. We had a zone conference call. It was a new way to do zone meeting and I am a fan! We went to mutual. I was talking with members and one little lady came up to me and said a candidate just came to the church. We quickly went over to meet him, his name is Carlos. He had recieved lessons from missionaries about 5 years ago but at that time wasnt completely ready. He came to the church on his own with a sincere desire to change and to know how he could prepare to be baptized. He has had a rough life with bad decisions and he is ready for the gospel of Jesus Christ in his life. We had a lil member with us who was a big help. 

Miercoles we headed out to work earlier than normal. We visited Miguel Angel and we had the lesson with a member. The poor member had worked all night but stayed awake to help us out. (I thought about karles.) Miguel has a desire to attend a church and to make the changes. We went with the Ochoa family. They are absolutely wonderful. I feel like I am at home with them. We played with Ismael and Genesis. Ismael just laughs and laughs. Cuties 

Jueves we went to the office. We took a lunch from home #healthylife. We visited la familia Rodriguez. The husband said a really sincere prayer and he is so interested. He has been doing his part to research. As we left 2 of the little toddlers on the street yelled at us. They came running up to us grabbed us around our necks and gave us great big kisses. It seriously melts my heart every time. 

Viernes all of our appointments fell through. We went with lots of people and nobody recieved us. We did our efforts but not every day is a walk in the park. As we were walking down the street, my companion just randomly says "I am so grateful for flies.. they have saved me from many close calls." She is one of a kind and I love her so much :) 

Sabado we had such a great day! We worked hard and we got a lot accomplished. We recieved lots and lots of blessings. The members pulled through and helped us contact and find a few new people. We found a family. The wife is 31, the husband is 20. The wife has a daughter who is 18 years old. I dont understand love. We then went with the Rodriguez family and I got some more kisses from the cute little ones. I am pretty sure the elders dont get kisses from the kids haha  

Domingo was such a happy day! We got up early to go to the Rodriguez families home and help them get ready for church. It was so much fun to be in that home as they all got ready for the day. We headed on a journey and finally made it to church. I met a guy who spoke English while on the bus. I tried my best to teach the gospel in English but man it was hard! As we arrived at church and I got off the bus, I saw a lil member there waiting outside of the bus. It was a complete surprise and made my day. 

Funny moment: 
I was getting off the bus the bus one day. As I stepped down, my skirt stayed on the step, and then my comp stepped on my skirt. So as I went down, my skirt went up. Hahaha ooops 

Well this great work is moving forward and I couldnt be happier to be apart of it. I love you all! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermanita Ferre 

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