Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Hello to all!! Happy Monday :) 

Monday we went to lunch with some missionaries and then had time to rest and take a nap. Best hour ever! The truth is that it was sooo hot. I don't recommend sleeping during the heat of the day.  We then had to eat two dinners... who does that? Two families nicely invited us to eat but I seriously couldn't do it. I had to secretly throw food on Sister Mac Donalds plate so she would eat it. And she did, she's got my back! We were running behind on time amd we passed a family. I knew we were late so I didn't want to talk to them.  But I said "they could be a chosen family". So we turned around and chased them down. Sure enough, they were chosen. It strengthened my testimony! Heavenly Father is always guiding us, if we will just listen to the Holy Ghost. 

Tuesday we had our district meeting! First of all we made a chocolate cake to share as a zone. It turned out perfect!  The only hang up was when we forgot an oven mit. We had to use a bunch of paper towels. It worked well until it caught on fire... oops. We had to do some errands for Ismael & Rosa and their wedding.  I saw a lady during our errands and I leaned to my companion and said "she's a member" because I could see some familiar lines. Well sure enough, I called it!  She was a member from San Salvador.  

Wednesday we ran around doing so much! It was an eventful day. We did wedding errands, we talked to everyone! We put a baptism date with Margarita and helped her clean her dishes. We also had two Jehova Witnesses come up to us and contact us. They pulled out the Bible and then started speaking in English. So that was interesting... we nicely took over and taught :) 

Thursday was a day full of miracles!! We had to rub last minute errands to get all od the paperwork for the wedding. It was the day of so we had to talk with the big boss. At first he told us he couldn't help us. I prayed ans prayed. And he finally pulled some strings.  It was a PURE miracle and it strengthened my testimony that Heavenly Father is completely aware of each of us.  It was a day with lots of prayers. The wedding was a success and they were so happy! Even though they didn't kiss in the moment as "husband & wife". They did it to protect our little missionary eyes. Oh and we had to go the university to drop off papers to the lawyer and let's just say that we both felt so out of place being surrounded by young people in that kind of a setting. I am not ready to be back in the real world, I think I will just be a missionary forever.  :)  

On Friday we saw an apostle of the Lord, RUSSELL M NELSON. 600 missionaries gathered today (all of El Salvador) and we received counsel from one of the Lord's chosen servants. It was one of the most spiritual meetings. It is so special to be a missionary and to be surrounded by those who are all apart of this great work.  He shook each of our hands. He gave us all a blessing of health & strength. He blessed us to love our mission presidents and our companions.  To be obedient. To be missionaries for our whole lives. To be true disciples of Jesus Christ. To know the doctrine and to teach it clearly. To return with honor.  He then thanked each of us for our service and expressed his love for us. The Spirit was so strong and it was the best experience! 

Saturday was "saturday sleep in". We slept in until 6:25, yay!! We did a service project and it was CRAZY! We invited the youth and the elders and we went to a less active members home to clean. We totally flipped that house upside down. I kid you not,  there were trash bags and drink bottles everywhere.  There was old food, dirty clothes & dishes,  and little animals running all over. Nobody should live like that! So we took over and got it looking nice. I didn't come up with the before and after pics idea until we had finished, but we kicked butt and I conquered some of my fears :) In the afternoon, Ismael was BAPTIZED. We had a small baptism service and he was so happy. 

Sunday was a good sabbath day. My favorite part was having lunch with the bishop and his fam. They are so good to us and they feel like family! We joke around and it strengthens me to be with them. We had an elder call us. He broke out into a weird rash with hives, blisters and a swollen face. The poor thing! He is now getting better and we have no idea what the cause was. It made things interesting though.  

This week flew by. I am so grateful to be apart of this marvelous work. Miracles happen every single day! Be sure to count your blessings...name them one by one. :) I love you all! 

Con mucho amor,
Herrmana Ferre 

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