Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Well hello to all. Here is a quick update of this last week! 

Lunes we had lots of fun. After writing home, we went to the dentist with Elder Rosales to get his wisdom teeth stitches taken out. He was a champ! We then ate lunch as a district! We all shared our mission "stories" of how we chose to come on the mission.  Elder Montero shared about his sweet mom who passed away about 4 months ago. Something so recent but his testimony was so strong & powerful because he understands the great plan. Pday ended at 2pm so we worked normal in the afternoon and then ate dinner with two different families. And be proud, I ate fish. 

Martes we went to run two errands. (to pay a medical bill & to print off wedding papers). We had to go all over the whole world and when we finally got there, BOTH buildings were closed. #thatsourluck And then we went visiting an investigator in the woods.  As we left we passed a guy and just said hello. Well about 30 seconds later something hits my companion on the back! The crazy guy threw rocks at us from far away. So... that was an interesting twist in our day. We visited a few members and they shared their conversion stories. The family has 15 years sealed as an eternal family, the guy was bishop for 5 years, and they are enduring well! 

Miercoles we went to the temple!! It was the highlight of my week. Nothing beats being inside the temple. It was a spiritual experience.  Miercoles we went to the temple!! It was the highlight of my week. Nothing beats being inside the temple. It was a spiritual experience.  We also had lots of fun together.  We laugh and joke and we all come together to live the gospel. Once we got back to our area, we went to Ismaels house with the bishop. Hermana Macdonald and I were so tired! I looked over at one point and she seriously hit her face to wake herself up. Haha the mission life. 

Jueves we had a conference with President and Hermana Spjut. We talked about really completing what we came here to do. We all have weaknesses and things to better as missionaries. President Spjut always cheer us on, tells us he believes in us, and helps us to become better.  He is very patient and loving with us. A funny experience that I had was while saying goodbye to a family we are teaching.  Here it is the culture to kiss each others cheeks when saying hello or goodbye. Well this guy shook my hand and then leaned in to kiss my cheek. My companion told me that my eyes got so wide. Needless to say it was the most awkward moment of my life!! 

Viernes we went to a big office building to get birth certificates for a family who is going to be married and baptized. We then paid a hospital bill. We are finally learning the bus routes after doing all of the small errands. We had a good lesson with Ismael and Rosa (who are getting married). We bumped up the baptism with Ismael! We also had our baptism interview with Jorge. About 20 minutes before the interview he brought up coffee.  We thought for half a second that we were going to lose the baptism date but it all ended well. Jorge makes cheese for a living so he gave us and the elders each a thing of cheese. We ended our night in a meeting with our mission leader and the elders. We ended late so we had to run home like a bunch of crazies!  *we came across a guy with his family. I knew him from the hospital and then we juat casually passed by his house in our area. Who would have thought? Miracle moment!! They are the cutest family ever.*

Sabado we helped with a womens conference. My companion translated because the conference was in English. We had plans to go to a place called Barcelona. We kept getting mixed answers about if we should or shouldn't go to this place. Well we plans of going with the elders to contact a few references.  Well last minute my companion began to translate. Everything happens for a reason and answers come in many different ways from Heavenly Father. We had a baptism! Jorge was baptized. He started to get teary eyed. We had other investigators there and the Spirit was there testifying of the truthfulness of this gospel. (*I slid in slime water and almost fell. I got rust water on my light blue skirt during lunch. I tripped on rocks. And I attempted to talk to a family.  They were walking to the bus. The bus left them so I thought "ohh good, we have time to chat" and then next thing you know, the bus came backing up JUST to pick up that family. Well we missed that chance big time.) 

Domingo was a good day! Jorge Palma was confirmed as a member! We then went to a baptism. This lady is named Emma. She commented to me that I was the first missionary who went to her house and met her. The sad part is that we never went back. Well the elders went, taught her, and then she was baptized.  It was a good feeling to know that even though I didn't help her to baptism,  I planted a small seed and that she remembered me. My poor companion fell down a dirt road and I totally pulled a Karleigh and laughed and laughed. I of course helped her up but then I lost it.  

Well this week was a good one. I hope you all have a great week. Stay healthy and happy! I love you all :) 

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