Saturday, August 22, 2015

8/17/15- Go Give 'Em Heaven

What a week! The sign we have on our door as we walk out says "Go Give 'Em Heaven". :) so that is our daily goal! 

Wow. Well on Monday we went to lunch with some of the missionaries.  We went to a restaurant called Santos & Diabolitos (Saints & Devils). We then went with a companionship of elders. The elder needed his wisdom teeth removed. (we bought him ice cream, don't worry) It was so sad to see him in pain. His body flinched for the amount of pain and discomfort he was in. We then went with the taxi to get the elders home to rest. The area that these two elders are serving is really quite sketchy. As we drove in that part of town I just kept thinking about how important it is to be obedient so that we as missionaries are protected. The poor guy didnt talk at all coming home but when we made it to the house he tells us "if they stop you, tell them you are missionaries and they will leave you alone". Even though he was in pain, he was stilled worried about us. We left  that area fine and without any problems but they still called us to check in and made sure we were fine.  I know that I am being protected. And all of us as missionaries take good care of each other.  Our family away from home. 

Tuesday we went to the office to get money. We then had to pay a few doctor bills and fees. We made it there fine, paid fine, and then we got LOST. We weren't lost lost but we weren't on the right bus. We went on  like 5 different buses and all were going in a dIfferent route than what we needed.  We were definitely on a long quest but finally made it back. We got in one good lesson and then had to go with a few sister missionaries to the ER. The part I loved was when President Spjut called some elders so they could give the sister a priesthood blessing. There was a special spirit there. The Priesthood power really is here in the earth. I loved how we all turned to the Lord before heading to the hosptial. We spent our afternoon there with them helping get things figured out.  

Wednesday was weekly planning. We had three of the best lessons. Each one of the investigators are completely prepared. Rosa and Antonio are a couple who accepted the invitation to be married and then baptized. It was all thanks to the Holy Ghost that was there. Zuliema had a lot of good questions- showing that she really is intetested and searching for the truth. 

Thursday we had our zone meeting. We watched a video of how the Atonement applies to missionary work. Our district leader, Elder Vasquez,  visited our investigators with us. We had one of the funniest (and awkward) lessons. We went with a young Catholic guy. He haf a lot of questions and then he asked us if he could invite a friend to attend church with him. We said "of course, everyone can come!" He then asked if  it was allowed to have a relationship.  So there were four of us and we all sat there for a second thinking of how to respond.  My companion then blurts out "is he your boyfriend?" It was the most awkward moment of my whole life. Brandon responds "NO". The poor kid just wanted to know if we could have relationships as members of the church. Well...glad we got that cleared up.

Friday we went to a women's conference with President and Sister Spjut. We helped translate for Hermana Spjut so she could understand and enjoy the whole meeting in English. I then helped some of the sick missionaries. I had about 3 or 4 elders with their shoes off showing me their feet problems. A really funny elder, Elder Stephens, then ran over to the group and saying he had a problem too. He took his shoe off and showed us the hole in his sock. Haha it was so funny. We had companion exchanges. I worked with Sister Barrios. 

Saturday we had a spiritual experience with our investigator, Alicia. We invited her to be baptized. She asked if she could be baptized the next day. She has a lot of health problems and she told us that she knew the church was true and that she can die whenever because of her health so she wanted to do it. We talked about baptism and she said "I can die anyday now" My sweet companion then says "well we can plan your service" (meaning baptism service). I quickly whispered baptism so she could clarify which type of service. It was so funny. We had a stake activity in the afternoon, soccer tournament and pupusas party. We had a good time,  as usual. I am laughing nonstop with this crazy companion of mine. 

Sunday we had a surprise (quickly planned baptism!! The members and elders did great helping us to pull it off. We had great team work. She had to sit on a chair while in the font and basically lay backwards. She was then confirmed as a member! We talked to sooo many families in the street. Every time that I see a family in the street I immediately think of "families can be together forever...through Heavenly Fathers plan". 

Funny Moments with Sister MacDonald:
1. "That's why I love community pools" (who says that?!) 
2.  "Tomorrow I am going to clean this pork fest" (pig sty) 
3. We normally switch off cooking breakfast.  She cooked and then went to shower. I came downstairs and found my french toast and a drink. So I ate and then I tried the drink. It was nasty!! I drank about half of it just to be kind.  She comes downstairs and started looking around for her drink. Haha it wasn't for me to begin with. How awkward is that! 

Well it was a great week. I absolutely love my mission, every minute of it. Love you all :) 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Ferre 




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