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12/21/15: Feliz Navidad!!

Hola Hello! 

It was quite the week. Another week has come and gone and here we are on another Monday morning!

So on Monday I finally was reunited with Hermana Stokes. We went to the market with Mama Rosa. I literally got teary eyed when I saw Hermana Stokes. She has such a special place in my heart and it was so good to be back by her side for a bit. We laughed and joked and did all of our shopping. After that we just hung out, did some cleaning here in the house, and took a lil nap. We had an adventure in the night time. We basically got lost and it took us about an hour to get home because of the bus routes. Sometimes puplic transportation is rough at rush hour. We had a lesson with the Perez family. They are a family of 10. It is such a blessing to be teaching such a big family but it is also really hard to get and keep people focused enough to feel the Spirit. Slowly but surely we are working with them and making progress. 

Tuesday we talked to a lot of people about the gospel. We worked hard and had many opportunties to share the great message. We started eating lunch with our new cook, Liz. Her house is seriously so cute. We were on her back porch washing dishes and the door slammed shut. Well here the doors can only be opened from one side. So we had to wait for Liz to get home to let us our of her backyard haha. Then we headed our appointments and lessons. We came home and had a little Christmas fun. We sat around our little lit Christmas tree and opened our Christmas stockings from Hermana Vincents mom. Her mom planned on me being a Latina and sent black bobby pins. She is a sweetheart :)

Wednesday we did our weekly planning. I also may or may not have taken a nap. and I may not even regret it haha. We went to lunch and heard some crazy stories. It turns out a member here went to Egypt and lived there for 5 months. How cool is that? I had no idea and I was smiling the entire time that she told me her life stories.

Thursday we did divisions with some sisters while their companions went to San Salvador. I worked with Hermana Osorio from Guatemala. Her and I went exploring in a new part of my area. It was so successful! We crossed bridges and went through the woods and then we found a girl named Gabriella. She is a young mom who has twin girls. They were born with only 5 months and they are sooo small. We visited with her and she quickly accepted the invitation to attend church with us. I am grateful for moments like that where Heavenly Father blesses us with people who are prepared for the gospel.My companion and I colored our two Christmas elves and we made Olafs out of white cups. We have a Christmas tree and our Christmas stockings. This house is hoppin with the Christmas spirit :)

Friday we went house shopping with Mama Spjut. The house we are in is giant, dark, and there are one too many animals living here. So the new house is smaller, brighter, and we shouldnt have very many unwelcomed visitors. Then we headed to the office for lunch and interviews with President Spjut. We were in the office for about 5 hours. We ate lunch, had a zone meeting, and the interviews with President. President is such a great guy. He shared some of his mission experiences with me and at the end he told me he loved me. He is a very special guy and he does so much to help us succeed as missionaries. We visited the Hernandez family. They invited us over for dinner. People sacrifice so much for us and I feel so blessed. We watched the  Joseph Smith movie which helped all of us strengthen our testimonies on the Restoration. I love this gospel with my whole heart!

Saturday was such a rough day. Lots of ups and downs. We tried to visit as ward council. We had the right intentions but in the end it just used up a lot of our time. We had a little miracle happen. I was ready to call it a day when a guy came running up to us saying how he really wants to go to church, that he wants us to visit and teach him, etc. It was what I needed to hear in that moment.Heavenly Father knows each one of us and all of our needs. Some members went to EFY here so we passed by to hear some of the stories and welcome them back home! It was a long day. There is opposition in all things. We just have to move onward and upward. 

Sunday we went all over the world to bring investigators to church. Our church meetings now begin at 10 which was nice for us but a lot of the members wanted to leave early to eat lunch. All of the youth and the counselors from EFY bore their testimonies. Each youth said that after their time at EFY they have now decided to serve a full time mission. The counselors bore their testimonies as well. They had a different perspective (a lot more running around and behind the scenes efforts) but the Spirit filled the roomed and testified as each and every one of them shared their experiences. One of my converts bore his testimony. He has 2 years until he can go on the mission and he is already a power house. He is going to bless so many lives. Listening to him bear his testimony makes it all worth it. Oh and just so you know, our miracle boy from Saturday didnt go to church. #ooops. We then had a crazy night. As we went to a members home, her dog was shaking but couldnt walk or move. Someone fed him rat poison and it was already taking affect. The dog was shaking, it was foaming at the mouth, and they shoved some coal and lime down his throat to supposedly pump out his stomach. We went to a meeting with our mission leader and then headed back. The dog was doing much better. He still had lots of symptoms but he was much more calm. Close call but prayers were answered :) Oh I also got proposed to. Some guy told me to take him back to the states with me. He asked do you have a boyfriend?  I said no. He then said "take me with and then you will. Then we will get married." hahaha what.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!I  In this season of Christmas I want you all to remember that Jesus is not in a manger, He is not on the cross, He is not in the tomb. He is the tree of life, the light of the world. And He lives. 

Feliz Navidad. Enjoy and be sure to sing it loud for all to hear. :) I love you all! 

Hermana Ferre

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