Sunday, January 24, 2016

1/11/2016: 15 MONTHS!!

Hello hello! Just so everyone is aware, I basically have 15 months in the mission. How did that happen?

So Monday was a normal day. We ran all of our errands and then we made pupusas from scratch with Bethssy. Lets just say that I didnt have the touch to begin with, but I learned. I am a little bit more Salvadoreana so get ready to eat yummy pupusas. It was a lot of fun to be with the members and the pupusas turned out great! We had a few things that we needed to buy from the hardware store for our new house so we went to the "home depot" here in El Salvador. Just imagine two gringas walking into a hardware store. ALL eyes were on us. Everyone thought we were lost but little did they know, I knew exactly where to go and what to do. It was so funny.  

Tuesday we had our district meeting. Our district leader invited us to give 
a spiritual thought on faith in missionary work. My comp and I rocked it. After the district meeting, we did companion exchanges. Hna Sheehan came here to Paraiso with me and Hna Vincent left to Espana. Hna Sheehan and I found so many new people to teach and we managed our time really well. We had an experience where we said goodbye to a less active member. So normally after saying goodbye, you leave. Well there was a truck in front of us in the street that kept us from walking away from the member. It was so awkward and it gave me the giggles. Bethssys house flooded so we helped a little bit to clean and mop the floor.  

Wednesday we had a birthday celebration for Ishma. He doesnt like celebrations but we had a homemade hamburger cena and sang him happy birthday. We had a fun day. The whole fam was there so it was a good time! We also found a really chosen guy. His name is Jonathan and he is really down to earth. He is 17 and he told us that he attends a different chruch but that he wants to hear the message. We found him because my companion felt impressed to talk to him. He was one of the very last street contacts we did and my companion says to me "he is the chosen one". And he was. I hope he progresses and can go on a mission :)

Thursday was a rollercoaster of a day. Some members out of the blue told my companion that she should go home and get married to her boyfriend. It really is what my companion wants but she hadnt been thinking about it so it threw us both for a loop. We had good lessons despite the emotional mess we were in haha. The elders decided to fast with us to help a family here in this area. It meant a lot to me that they were willing to sacrifice a little bit for some of our investigators. We visited a little old lady who is less active and she told us we were wasting our time with her and that we needed to focus on those who dont have the gospel.   

Friday we had an emotional day. We had a really spiritually lesson with Sandra and Naun. Tears and testimonies were involved. In the end, Sandra and Naun are not going to be married. Naun doesnt want to marry Sandra right now. So many things have gone down and it has me so stressed but I know that it all happens for a reason so I am moving forward with faith. I love that family so much and I just want them to have all of the blessings that I know they are missing out on.

Saturday we got up early and went to help Liz cook for an activity she had in the afternoon. I had a really got time helping. I was on veggie slicing duty. Look at all of the things I am learning on the mish. We supported the elders and went to a baptism. Then in the evening we had dinner with Sandra and Naun.(I made the frijoles and they were delish). We didnt mention anything about marriage and we all had a good time. Sandra and Naun have a backdoor that other people can use to go into Ciudad Paraiso. Anyway, there was a dog that was scratching on the door wanting food. The dogs name is Quien, which means who. So all of us joked about how quien was at the door. All sorts of jokes and comments but my companion didnt know it was sthe dogs name. So the cute little thing walks over to the door saying "quien" (asking who was knocking at the door) It was seriously so funny. I was dying laughing. I then choked on my spit and I figured it was because I didnt help out my comp. 

So funny story: I always keep our cellphone in my backpack. My backpack has two outside pockets. I always put the phone behind my agenda so that nobody can see that it is there and so that I dont get robbed. Well  we showed up to the baptism and I was talking to my mission leader, Oswaldito. He asks me for the bishops number. I reached for the phone but I didnt feel it. I started searchinge everywhere for the phone. We had just came from the bus and I was sure that somebody had robbed me.I go into panic mode and I have Sister Vincent start looking in her bag. At this point her and I are talking in English and I am thinking how on earth did that happen. In the end, Oswaldo put the phone in my face. He had taken it out of my bag without me knowing or feeling it. So lesson learned. This gringa wont be doing that anymore haha.

Sunday was a good day. We had quite a few investigators in sacrament meeting. It was the primary program, and it was so much fun. The kids were so dang cute. Everyone was laughing. The little ones bring a special spirit to our lives. We had a few meetings which felt like a normal sunday at home. They are just preparing me to be back at home, right? #baggy. During our meeting with our mission leader, he asked me to say the prayer. As I began to pray, the neighbors turned on the music super loud. After the prayer, Oswaldito said "and thats how Satan works". It is so true. There is always opposition when we are trying to do the right.   

Well things are good here on my end. It was a normal week, we didnt do anything out of the norm. Missionary work is a wonderful thing and I am loving my time here in Paraiso. Have a great week! Choose the right. Love you all! 

Hermana Ferre 

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