Sunday, January 24, 2016

1/18/2016: Buenos Dias!

Buenos dias les de Dios :) Good morning to all! Happy Monday to you all!

Well pday was a good day. We got up bright and early to go to the market. We had done all of our shopping by the time we wrote home, it was a nice change of pace. We went to lunch at Santos / Diablitos like always and then we got a call from the old house owner. I had called him a million times to tell him we moved out but he never answered so he finally called from a new number wanting to know what happened. The point is that I was stressed because we had to move out some beds and I didnt have the means of doing it. In the end, the zone leaders and the members helped us get all of the mission stuff out of the old house. We played Uno for a bit and then we ate pupusas. The elders of Israel joined us at an appointment to help explain the Priesthood to a recent convert, Alex Hernandez. 

Tuesday we had a really spiritual zone meeting. I was able to learn a lot and feel the Holy Ghost. My district leader, Elder Aldous, spoke about how we need to be concecrated missionaries. We read the description of the word concecrated and it means to dedicate and sanctify to righteousness. The sister training leaders talked about love. This gospel is a gospel of love and as missionaries we need to be sure to share and show our love for those around us. When people can feel that they are loved, they change. 

Wednesday we had morning study session with Mama Spjut. She wanted to sit in and participate in an English companionship study. We learned a lot of things from her, she is a really special and spiritual lady. She taught us about 15 points of Almas discipleship in Mosiah 18. We then did our weekly planning and made all of the plans and goals for this next change that we are beginning. We had some good lessons, went to our ward council meeting, and then we came home to a surprise. Our toilet had flooded and we came home to water streaming out of the front door. So we got to do some unplanned mopping. We called a member to come check it. He ended up getting sprayed with water that shot up out of the back tank part of the toilet. It was seriously sooo funny. 

Thursday I completed 15 months in the  mission. We played Uno with the Gochez family. The elders happened to be there because we always run into them while doing our visits. We are basically a companionship of 4. Anyway, we spiced things up and the loser of each round had to drink salsa negra )worchestershire sauce=. All of us gringos lost. My companion and Elder Isom both drenched their clothes on accident with the sauce. I managed to just drink it. Lets just say it wasnt a spoonful of sugar haha 

Friday we did a quick service project. We spent the entire morning putting together signs and paper cut outs for a youth activity. We started out as a disaster but in the end we had a good system going and it was a success. In the afternoon we went with a recent convert who is now attending a different church. It is sad that they have easily changed their thoughts and their desires. We have a lot of work to do! 

Saturday we went out visiting bright and early with the young women. We did like 5 visits in about 2 hours and that is when I decided I wish I had a car in the mission. It would make life a whole lot easier. It was fun to be back with the jovensitas. I was able to get to know some new people and a new part of  my area. We contacted a reference that we got from a member. Her name is Esmeralda and she is really great. We clicked with her and she told us she would go to a mutual activity and to church. We went to mutual and she was happy and having a good time with the young women. I also got to see a member from Espana while I was there. It was so good to see him and Papi Obispo. Many people have touched my life here and I am so grateful for each of them!

Sunday we brought Esmeralda to church. She had a good time and felt the Spirit. In the afternoon we taught the Restoration. I was kneeling and teaching while using a puzzle to explain. By the end, my legs were soo dead. They had completely fallen alseep. The Holy Ghost was there in that lesson and I know that Rosa and Mario felt it. We also helped our investigator, Nicole, move houses. They moved everything over in one afternoon and we helped get them a little bit more organized. One of the elders grabbed a single couch and tried throwing it on his shoulder. As he did, he realized it was heavier than he thought. He began to lean backward, but in slow motion. His comp tried to save him and then Elder Reyes and I busted up. I was laughing soo hard. 

Life is good. I am doing the same old same old. Working, walking, laughing, and eating yummy frijoles.  It was a quick week spent with really great people. The gospel makes us happy. I love you all and I hope all is well. muah!! 

Hermana Ferre 

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