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11/30/2015: Hola Hello!

Hello to all! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving :) 

Monday we had a normal pday. We went to the crazy market (my papaya exploded in my backpack), we did laundry, and then we headed to a members home. We just hung out and enjoyed some free time. We took some pictures! Blah blah blah, the usual. 

Tuesday we had intercambios. I left my area and I got to visit Palmar. I worked with Hermana Avila from Honduras. It was such a successful day!! We found a family of 6 and they all gathered around to listen to our message. Heavenly Father is always preparing His children for the gospel and I know without a doubt that that family is ready. It is moments like that that make it all worth it. I got to see some old faces and it felt good that they remembered me! We walked and walked but we had a lot of success. It was a great day! I talked to a guy on the bus because I felt like I should. Well I shook his hand at the beginning and it was normal. He ended up rejecting the invitation and not wanting to hear the message a different day. Anyway to say goodbye, I shook his hand again and it was so SWEATY. I made that kid so nervous! Haha poor guy. 

Wednesday we had a normal day. Nothing too crazy happened. We had a really spiritually lesson with our investigator Brandon. He is so full of questions and doubts. It made the lesson long but very powerul. The Holy Ghost was there. Now we just have to work hard to help him continue having spiritual experiences and to act according to those experiences. I tried a new fruit. It was white and had a funny texture but hey it was too bad. We surfed the bus again and Heavenly Father blessed us with lots of families in our path. 

Thursday we met a lady named Reina. She is a really spiritual lady, just in a different church. (She would be such a great member). We talked to her, she shared some of her life stories. As I was there with her I had a feeling come over me and the thought saying how much trust Heavenly Father has in me, an imperfect being, to help one of His daughters find the way back home. I am so far from perfect but Heavenly Father knows that and He continues helping me as I strive in His great work. We took a wrong bus and it took us forever and a day away from our area. But we made it safely home. It was actually a huge blessing! I had a reference but didnt know where the dirrecction was to pass it on the rhe elders. Anyway, in our journey we came across the colonia and I knew which elders I could pass it to. Bendiciones!! We celebrated Thanksgiving by eating grilled chiken and some instant potatoes with some members. 

Friday I woke up sick. I had some tummy issues and wasnt able to get out and work. It was the first time I have gotten sick in the mission and it was a long and boring day! My cute companion took good care of me! We had an elder who got bit by some animal and his toe turned purple and began to split open. Well get this. It comes to find out that a nurse in his ward looked it over and pulled out an entire sack of spider eggs. Is that so gross or what?? His toe now feels better haha the joys of the mission. He is a trooper! 

Saturday we helped the Ochoa family make tortillas. It is their business and they had a big event. They had to make 400 tortillas and a different lady made 600. 1,000 tortillas for a wedding. My skirt got really dirty. Mama Rosa took our tortillas to "fix them" and next thing you know she smashed them and started over. Haha I dont think we were that much of a help. But while we were there we got to help decorate their Christmas tree. It is defintely the best time of the year! And I met a cute little chubby baby. The cutest little thing and so so happy. We helped the elders with a baptism they had. Then we had the funniest moment! Hna Stokes and I were sitting on the curb talking on the phone and Anival and Paty drove by in their car. Then they backed up to us. He backed up like 4 times and as he was doing so, I told Hna Stokes that he was going to run over the open man hole. And sure enough, he backed right into it and got stuck. It was such bad luck for him but it cracked me up! A nice guy came running out of nowhere and helped lift him out. There are great people everywhere we go. 

Sunday was a good day! We did a lot of visiting. A little old lady told us that gets bored reading the Book of Mormon because of all the wars haha. We found a lady named Jesenia. She was a reference and she is looking for the truth! During Relief Society, the Obispo spoke on family and parenthood. He read from a different talk on how in the next life, the titles or callings we have now wont matter. The titles that will continue with us is that of mother & wife or father & husband. Basically the family is the most important. We have to learn and live the gospel as a family and we have to learn to magnify those sacred callings. (Or future callings for some of us). So I am inviting you all to remember your duties and responsibilities in the home. They are the most important ones of all. Oh and best news of all, one of my favorite couples here just found out that they are going to have a baby!! Best news ever! 

The new meditizar scripture for the week is D&C 58:27! 
This is the true church of Jesús Christ. 
I love you all! 

oh and I didnt proof read this email so sorry if I sound like a scattered mess haha

Hermana Ferre  

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