Sunday, January 24, 2016

11/23/2015: Birthdays X5

This week we celebrated 5 birthdays, we completed our weekly goals (yesss), and we met some more of Heavenly Fathers wonderful children. I am blessed :) 

P-day!! We got up bright and early. We had the house cleaned and the laundry done before 8am. We then went to run our errands. It was a normal morning and then we decided to take some time off. We went to Bethssy house and watched Meet the Mormons (with watermelon as our movie snack). It was fun to relax and enjoy with them. We went to visit a different family in the evening. The lady (Delmi Figueroa) was cooking. All of a sudden we heard a giant explosion. A glass pan that she had resting on the top of the stove, exploded! Glass shattered and flew all over the kitchen! 

Tuesday we had an eventful day! We had our district meeting. Then we went to the church to throw a small birthday party for a less active member. (Birthday #1). We bought her a small slice of cake, wrote a cute note on the chalkboard, and gave her a small necklace. She was so incredibly happy and grateful for the small birthday party. We had a mission activity. We watched Meet the Mormons and had a popcorn party. Patty, Hna Stokes, and I made a bunch of popcorn for la gente to eat. It was a fun lil movie night. We then went out to eat dinner with Patty and her hubby. Oh and I drew my very first eyeball with the help of a member and it was a success! 

Wednesday was Robertos birthday! (Birthday #2). We decorated his house while he was at work so he came home to a fun surprise. As a family we all ate dinner and played games. We laughed and laughed. Roberto had a special day and that was the goal! We had to pay hospital bills and just so you all know, it only costs $6.25 to get stomach stitches removed here. Cant beat that!  

Thursday we had our Thanksgiving celebration and our multizone meeting. Sister Spjut shared with us a talk about having a mighty change of heart. I kid you not it was General Conference worthy! It was so so good. I felt the Holy Ghost so strongly as she spoke. We are going to have some changes in the mission, but change is a good thing. Our lunch was fancy and it was our "Thanksgiving dinner". After lunch we all got our surprise flu shots. President Spjut rocked it. He can do it all! I even got to inject a sister. Anything goes here in El Salvador :) oh and (birthday #3, but we didnt attend) 

Friday we had another birthday celebration (Birthday #4). Geneis turned 10 so we spent some time with me. She wanted to eat pizza for her birthday but as her mom ordered the pizza, they said that they wouldnt deliver to the zone where they lived. Hna Stokes and I began calling and asking people who would be willing. Finally Roberto told us he could order the pizza to his house then bring it up. And sure enough, 40 minutes later, he comes walking up with a giant pizza. 

Saturday we had such a good working day! Lots of good lessons. We found a family that I walked in their home, it had hit me that I had been there before. As I got thinking, I had visited them during a companion exchange clear back in January! So that was fun! We went with the Ochoa family to make Baleadas with them and some of the members. I am getting the hang of making them. Mama Rosa let us use some of her yummy beans. She has the special touch when it comes to frijoles! 

Sunday we went to church. We had lunch (as always) with Papi Obispo and his family. They have extended family in town so I got to meet them. They all speak English so we had a nice English chat. The one lady was celebrating her birthday (Birthday #5).  During lunch I tried a fruit for the first time called Granadilla. We had such a funny lesson with a little old grandpa. He was teasing us and asking all sorts of questions about cafe & the church. He then told my comp that she should be a model instead. Haha and thats when we left. However us with our mission leader, we laughed and laughed.

It was a fast week, with lots of adventures. The church is so true and I feel 100% blessed. I love you all and HAPPY THANKSGIVING :)  

Con amor, 
Hermana Ferre'

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