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11/16/2015: Practice Love

Friends & family... WE HAVE TO PRACTICE LOVE. That is something that one of my converts taught us this last week. We need to practice love. 

Monday we had a laid back and relaxing pday. We went to the market with Mama Rosa. It was quite the journey as always. We walked through a little pathway and I swear the people just peed right there on the floor. During our morning adventure, an old guy came up to me and said to me "my barbie". Haha who says that? I was like uh im not your barbie. In the afternoon I was washing dishes in a members home and I kid you not, a rat touched me. I was washing and I thought I felt something but as I looked, nothing was there. So I continued washing. At this point Hermana Stokes was looking around wanting to know what had happened and sure enough something ran out from where my feet were and disappeared. It was a rat. We had FHE with the bishop and has family. We watched Meet the Mormons :) 

Tuesday we had our zone conference. The stake president came to motivate us. He told us to all repent and be better so that was fun. After the meeting we headed to lunch. As we walked down a small path, a protective dog began chasing my companion because she got too close to the little puppies. It was a close call & got our heart rate up for a quick sec. Later on in the day we were walking in a place called la linea (kinda sketchy). I was explaining to Hna Stokes that supposedly that whole area was full of members. She turns to me and says "yeah, it is hopping with members but not from the church". Haha

Wednesday. 11/11/2015! Well my cute comp and I completed two weeks of being together so we celebrated our anniversary by exchanging lambs and getting caught in a rainstorm. We visited little Mercedes. She opened the door standing in her bra. Without shame she walked out of the house, gave us hugs, and did it all as she was in her bra. We then had to cross a giant river after a rainstorm. Roberto helped us cross the river and conquer some of our fears. A helping hand is always appreciated! 

Thursday we went on a ROADTRIP. A group of us who all came together, we headed back to San Salvador to get new residency cards. I am now good to be here 1 more year! We also lucked out and got to go out to lunch. We had to enter a parking garage, an escalator, a shopping mall and then we finally made it to the restaurant. Oh and all of that while the song from Titanic was playing. We were completely in the world and I felt completely out of place. It was so much fun though. Lots of laughs and remembering the journey that we all began together 1 year ago. 

Friday was Friday the 13th and we chose to celebrate. We had a good working day! And it was one of the best days! We made homemade hamburgers with the bishop and his fam. They must have been made with love because they turned out top notch!! I was the grill flipper and I rocked it. We all cooked together, laughed together and made even more jokes. Life is so good. Funny story: I was walking down the street (almost to our cooks house) when I looked to my right. There was a member walking out of his house (walking to the street) without pants on!! Yep I saw his white, hairy legs. He quickly turned around and grabbed basketball shorts. The funny part isnt that I saw him but that he was literally leaving the house without pants on. Who does that?? 

Saturday was another great day, lots of adventures. My companion began the day wanting a hard boiled egg, however she wanted it quickly so she put it in the microwave. 3 minutes later and as I was standing right next to it cooking, a giant bomb sound goes off. The egg exploded and the microwave door breaks open. It scared me so bad! It was then that I knew we were off to a great start in our day. We then went with a lady and offered to help wash some dishes. She didnt have soap nor a scrubber so Hna Stokes and I literally washed dishes 1. using dirty water 2. without soap 3. and literally using our fingers. THEN we left lunch and we were walking in a sketchy part of town. I (being in my own little world & just talking and talking) made a telefono hand sign because I was talking about calling somebody. Once I realized what I was doing I hurried and stopped, with my heart beating just a little bit faster than normal. I dont even know if it means something bad here but I know it wasnt the best timing to be flashing signs. I am now working on not talking so much with my hands while in the street. :) 

Sunday was a stressful day helping others make it to church. Once there it was a good experiece. We had stake conference and the themes of the conference were 1. Marriage (get married fast people) 2. Family. 3. Giving a generous fast offering. We found two new hermanos who are completely prepared for the gospel. Sundays are stressful but Heavenly Father always always blesses us. We chose a new scripture to ponderize. This week we are going to focus on Mosiah 4:9. Oh and while in a members home I got to Skype a missionary I served with, Elder Montero. So good to see him!! 

I learned a lot this week and I am even more grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. Life is good & God is great. I love you all! :)

Con amor, 
Hermana Ferre 

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