Saturday, August 22, 2015


PHello to all! 

Well pday was a relax day! We ate ice cream with some elders in our district and then we just did things around the house. Did I sleep? No. However I used the Gospel Library and got to listen to the scriptures, so that was fun!

Tuesday was district meeting. Hermana Gonzalez and I gave the class. We talked about our vision to baptize. We are here as missionaries and all of us say that we want to baptize. We then asked what it is that we are doing to accomplish this vision that we all supposedly have. What are we thinking about while walking down the street? What are we talking about as companions as we go from house to house? We need to leave our nets behind and fully give ourselves to the Lord and His work. It was a good little class and it got everyone thinking. After we finished the class, we had to run to the Centro Medico to pay a $850 medical bill in cash. No pressure! A sister left the hosptial and had to come to our house. Well we left to work normal and around 6 at night I got a call from Hermana Spjut asking why this sister missionary was alone. I dont know what happened along the way, but the member never showed up and her companions left her so she was all alone! She never called us to tell us that small detail so we had to rush home to be with her. It was an eventful day. On the bright side, we bought corn on the cob from a little place (Mister Elote) that only sells corn.

Wednesday was our office day this week! Hermana Gonzalez had her final mission interview with President Spjut. We made a few medical kits for the new missionaries coming this week. A few of the elders went on a "Dew Run" to the gas station. We had a spiritual lesson with a lady named Rosa. We explained that it was for a reason that we had found her in our path. She said the closing prayer and began to cry. I love this gospel!

Thursday we visited an old investigator. Well come to find out, he lives with his grandpa who is 106 YEARS OLD. He was out working in the yard with the plants, how great is that! Then we had a spiritual lesson with one of our investigators, Manuel. He has a calm lifestyle and has a baptism goal. Well a few days ago, we came across him in the street talking on the phone with a beer in his hand. We had to leave for a different appointment so we couldnt talk with him that day. Well in our lesson on Thursday he told us how ashamed he was and how bad he felt that we saw him with a beer. 

A funny experience. There was a group of old, and I think drunk, guys standing in the street. As we walked pass them they tried to take pictures of us. Well about 30 minutes later we had to walk by them again.  Well this time we were smarter about the situation. We had our umbrellas in hand and as we passed the guys, we opened our umbrellas to block ourselves. Our umbrellas are good for many things haha. :)

Friday was a great day! We went to a doctor appointment with one of the missionaries. We then got to each lunch with President and Hermana Spjut and the office elders in the mission home. It was so much fun. The elders didnt want Sister Spjut to have to cook so we ordered take-out. It was funny because there was fancy china dishes and then we had take out drinks. Hermana Spjut baked brownies and we got to eat brownies and ice cream for dessert. My first brownie in the mission, and it was delightful! As we waited for the elders to get there, President played a few hymns on their piano. The whole house echoed. It was fun to just have some relax time with President and Hermana Spjut.

Saturday was a good one. We are searching to find new people to teach and to find those who want to progress. We went to a baptism and then it began to rain on the way home. We got home and decided why not so we ran and out and played in the rain for a few minutes. We got soaked and then we changed into warm and comfy clothes. 

Sunday was a good day! It was testimony meeting and the last Sunday in the mission for my companion. It was a teary day! There is a member in this ward who cant see. With help, he stood up and bore his testimony. He talked a lot about the Book of Mormon., he recently got it in brail. He began to cry, expresssing his gratitude for the opportunity he has to continue reading it. We had lunch with the Bishop and his family as a goodbye party for Hermana Gonzalez. 

"And my prayer to God is concerning my bretheren, that they may once again come to the knowledge of God;yea, the redemption of Christ, that they may once again be a delightsome people"

Have a great week everyone! 
Hermana Ferre 

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