Saturday, August 22, 2015


Hello to all :) 

So on pday we had a heart to heart as a district. It got us all thinking about what we need to do to improve. We are missionaries but we still have lots of things to change! We then went to lunch as sisters. It was lots of fun to get us all together for a little bit! 

Tuesday we had our real district meeting. We did practices and learned how we can better ourselves as missionaries and how we can help our investigators to do the same. Our investigator, David, told us that he no longer wanted to recieve us, he doesnt want to be baptized, and he isnt willing to change. He was completely shut off, he didnt even want to hear us out. My companion and I literally stood outside of his door and we began to cry. Someone I have come to love, has chosen not to continue in the gospel. But that is life, people have their agency. All we can do is pray and wait for it to be the Lords time and His will. We then visited some members. I walked into their house and I remembered that I had been there before in companion exchanges. It was strange but fun to be back! Some fun facts from their house: 1. we got to teach the lesson while sitting in hammocks. 2. The toilet doesnt have a handle to flush it. We just have to pour water in the bowel and it "flushes".  

Wednesday we visited Anglea. She knows about the Word of Wisdom. Well all morning before going with her, I kept feeling like we should teach the Word of Wisdom. We finally got to her house and we began to teach the Word of Wisdom.She got stressed out and then confessed that she drank tea. We explained that it was fine and she told us she had been stressing for two days thinking she was breaking this commandment. She is striving to live the right way and to follow Christ. And that is why I had the prompting over and over again to talk about the good ol Word of Wisdom. 
The best part was our last lesson of the day. We visited a recent convert and her son said the closing prayer (he is 7 years old). It was the most sincere and beautiful prayer. He prayed for the plants and animals, he prayed for his dads health (his head and kidneys), and for all of the human beings. I learned a lot from this 7 year old. A prayer so simple, yet so powerful. He also gave us a great big hug so that was a plus. :)

Thursday was the office day! We did all sorts of things in the office.There are rules in the office that if we talk in slang in either English or Spanish, we have to pay .25 cents. Well the jar is filling quickly! One of the elders is a talker and I think he has contributed that majority of the "pisto" (money in El Salvador spanish).  

Friday we had companion exchanges. It was a good day. Two americans serving together, kinda fun! We walked around the world and back. A less active family gave us chocolate covered bananas, so yummy! 

Saturday I was back with my crazy companion. She is the best! We had a successful day. The sun was so stinking strong. We were walking down a dirt road and my companion started walking toward a house. Well we talked to them, and they are completely prepared for this gospel. It was a miracle moment. My companion and I were beat under the sun and Heavenly Father placed this family in our path. 

Sunday Funday! Well yesterday we went to church. I felt the Spirit and learned a lot. We talked about the importance of prayer and why we pray. Why do we pray?? I learned that we pray for three reasons: 1. to give thanks 2. to ask for forgiveness 3. to better our realtionship with Heavely Father. I had an experience with prayer yesterday. My companion and I were struggling to find someone who would listen and recieve us. So I suggested we should pray. We prayed specifically for an open door with a family in the next street. We ended the prayer and then headed toward the next street.And sure enough, there was an open door. It was a couple with their teenage son. They didnt recieve us right then but we have an appointment to go back. It strengthened my testimony! Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers! We ended our day by listening to fireworks and talking to missionaries headed to the hospital for an "emergency" (she was dehydrated and passed out).

Well... have a great week!  I love you all! 

Hermana Ferre 

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