Saturday, August 22, 2015


Hello to all :) 

Well last Monday for pday the elders cooked lunch for us. Hot dogs! Hermana Gonzalez and I had a relax day. We cleaned, did our laundry, and wrote some letters. We also ordered food to have delivered to our house, kinda fun! It showed up on the back of a motorcycle. 

Tuesday we had our district meeting. My district leader was guided by the Spirit. We did practices and talked about investigators. We all talked openly about our strengths and weaknesses as missionaries. Elder Calero then told each of us individully one of our talents and something we could improve on. I felt the Spirit so strong. We all felt loved and we learned a lot from him. Hermana Gonzalez and I then put the things we learned into practice. We changed a few things in our lessons and had success!It was also my 9 MONTHS mark! I am halfway done. I am halfway home ;) We went for ice cream to celebrate! 

Wednesday we worked with Elder Calero. He visited our investigators with us. The best lesson of the day was with David. David opened up to us because the Spirit was present. We talked things out with him and he accepted a baptism date. I am seeing the changes in him and it is the greatest thing to witness. 

Thursday we went to visit a sick missionary and we put an IV in to give her fluids. We got to take a nice stroll in the park and I also got to see some members from my old ward. We then headed to the office. We were there almost the whole day. We organized the medications, typed phone numbers and addresses of the doctors, and we did a 3 month report. We didnt have a super successful day but we found a guy at the very end of our day. Jorge, a guy in his 20s, he likes music and art. We talked to him in the street and I felt like we were friends from the very beginning. One thing I have learned is that it all happens for a reason. God always places the people who are prepared for the gospel in our paths. 

Friday we had a small "goodbye party" for my companion and we ate pupusas with some members and the elders.We also passed David. He was with his friends and he had a beer in his hand. We talked with all of them for a minute then we went on our way. I was obviously bummed because he was drinking. We got home and he had sent us a message saying that it wasnt what we thought. He only drank 1 beer that night. That is progress! He told us that this gospel is what is motivating him to stay away from the alcohol. 

Saturday was our best working day. It was also lots of fun. We started our day by going to a big stadium to exercise. It has a giant race slide too so Hna Gonzalez and I went down it (I won). Our cook couldnt cook for us so we went to a Mexican restuarant and it was the highlight of my week. I finally got to eat chips and salsa! El Salvador is celebrating their July festivals so as we ate our lunch, we got to watch the horse parade go down "main street". It was lots of fun! We had 2 of our investigators tell us that they werent going to continue to recieve us. THEN we came across a family of 5 people who are completely prepared for the gospel. They dont live in our area but it was a little ray of hope to find them. We are here to invite and give people the opportunity to accept the gospel. In the end, we all have our agency.The great thing is that there are people ready and waiting for the gospel and that is the beauty of missionary work. We had a lesson with David. His drunk friend was there again. He sat quietly and then as we finished the lesson, he began to ask questions and say some of the funniest things. We were laughing so hard. We ended our day by swinging on swings for 5 minutes while we talked to a guy who was working there. Gotta enjoy the little things :)

Sunday two of our investigators changed their minds last minute and chose not to go to church. I was bummed and I kept praying that we would witness a miracle in sacrament meeting. We got to church and there was a girl sitting there waiting for me. She needed to talk with an american and a different missionary had told her which ward I was in. We got to know her and we put an appointment to meet with her and her family a different day. Everything happens according to Gods time. 

Well I hope you all have a great week! Life is good & God is great. LOVE YOU ALL. 

Hermana Ferre 




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