Saturday, August 22, 2015

7/13/14- 9 Months!

This week went by so fast. Also I have 9 months in the mission. 9 months down. 9 to go!! 

So my pday last was good. We went shopping! Then we cleaned and had a relax day. 

Tuesday was a CRAZY day. We did our weekly planning in the morning and as we were about to leave, Hna Spjut called and told us that one of the sister missionaries was really sick. So that changed all of our plans for the day. We went to her house to pick her up and then to the hospital for tests. As we left, she fell asleep and wouldnt respond to anything. Nothing. So we took her back and admitted her to the ER. She finally came to and told us she hurted in her ear lobes and her chest which is where my companion was pinching to try and wake her up... oops. She couldnt remember anything. Nothing about the car ride, the wheelchair, the IV. We waited in the ER for about 4 hours until the doctor came to see her. Her then told us that she has something more going on than we thought so he sent for an ambulance and wanted her sent to San Salvador. We then did divisions. I went with President and Hermana Spjut and Hermana Gonzalez went in the ambulance with the missionary. It comes to find out that she has a rare disease with her nervous system so it was a good call on the doctors part. 

Wednesday I worked with two other sisters because my companion was in the hospital with the sick missionary. Hermana Gonzalez called and told me that she was alone in the hospital because the other sister is in the ICU and Hna Gonzalez cant be with her. She said she felt like a sinner haha I told her it was just preparing her for the real world in less than a month. I missed her though. I was so happy to see her again and have her with me. 

Thursday we went to the office again. The office elders are hilarious. We laughed and laughed. We asked them for help with a project to print out a sheet with a picture and the name of each missionary so we can keep better track of their sicknesses. Well the elders went above and beyond and they put the cards in alphabetical order and had it delivered to our house. How great are they? We got caught in the rain... again. And this time we were freezing. A family gave us each a small blanket to use because we were so cold and soaked. There are great people who are willing to give a helping hand and I am grateful for them. 

On Friday during companionship study my companion shared with me an experience she had with the missionary who is sick. She told me how she felt like she loved people before the mission but now has come to learn how to really love those around her. She had been murmurring a little bit that this sister (sister Gamarra)  was always sick. She has gone home from the mission once already for health and has only been back 3 weeks when this happend. Anyway, Hna Gonzalez told me that as she watched Sister Gamarra enter into the ICU alone, scared, and in pain she was brought to tears and filled with a deeper love for Sister Gamarra. It helped me understand a little bit better how I need to love those around me and how I should view the sick missionaries. My companion and I have been praying to find a family of 5 people. We prayed and prayed. Then we went to work! We found a girl, asked a few questions, and then she told us that 5 people live in her house. It was an answer to our prayers! God placed 4 or 5 families in our path who all had 5 people in their family. Each time I heard "5" I was reminded that God really does hear and answer prayers. 

Saturday was the BEST day. My companion has never left Santa Ana because she is the nurse and has to be close to the hospital. Anyway, President invited us to go to a baptism in Juayua so that she could experience outside of Santa Ana. So we went on a roadtrip with President and Hermana Spjut for the afternoon. We were tourists and it was so much fun! We actually felt really strange and a little bit like sinners haha. We finally made it to the baptism in Juayua (where I started the mission). That was when the real miracle happened. The baptism was in my old ward and I got to see a few of the members. They commented on how I can actually speak Spanish now and made me feel right back at home. Then I went around the corner and I saw a family dressed in white. The Aguilar family. A family that I have come to love so much. A family that I experienced many things with. I taught them while I was there and now 7 months later, they were taking this step of baptism. They had their obstacles but they made it. They did it! I was on cloud 9 to be there at their baptism. Erasmo told me that he will send me a picture of their family in one year when they are sealed for time and all eternity. I wanted to cry tears of pure joy. It was a complete surprise for all of us there. Nobody knew that I was going to be there and I didnt know who was going to be baptized. I had a goal to have a baptism on July 11th because it is my moms birthday but nobody accepted the invitation.This whole journey happened last minute and God allowed me to be apart of a baptism. The special day for this family who have such a special place in my heart. I know that it was all inspired. That kind of an experience doesnt happen every day in the mission. 

Sunday we enjoyed our sabbath day visiting the people. We seriously have so much fun. There is a lot of teasing and joking around. We also had a spiritual lesson with Angela and Daniel. They have been back and forth in their decision with the church. He is now making plans to attend church and to begin preparing to be baptized. We will see what happens with him. I also found my first person who is athiest so that was interesting. 

Have a great week! Haz lo justo :)

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Ferre 

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