Saturday, August 22, 2015


HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!! I am proud to be an american :) Happy Pday to all. Kind moment this morning.. I got on the bus and went to pay and the bus driver told me I didnt have to pay. Kind people! I also went to the Centro Medico which is the mini hospital here in Santa Ana. Hermana Gonzalez gave me a tour so I will know where to go and what to do. And guess what? The nurses really do have white scrubs AND they have nurse hats like in the olden days. 

This week went by very fast. Our pday last week was really fun. All of the sisters cooked lunch for the elders. We paid and we cooked. It was really quite fun. We made do with what we had and we enjoyed cooking together. And the elders enjoyed eating.

On Tuesday we had a fun ward activity. It was called "be a kid again". We all played fun games and had a pinata as adults. The part I liked the most was a game with ice cream. Two people were blindfolded and had to feed the other person the ice cream cone. It basically turned into an ice cream fight but it was fun to watch. The purpose was for everyone, adults and kids, to enjoy and live a little. And it was a success :) 

Wednesday we had our district meeting and interviews with President. Hermana Spjut being the mom of the mission made us homemade cookies. We had plans to leave with a member to visit an investigator so he could help us put a baptism date. Well at the last minute, he couldnt so my companion and I said "Well then we can do it oursleves". And we did! We visited Angela and she accepted a baptism date. Her boyfriend is willing to marry her so that she can be baptized. We had fasted and prayed for her and our prayers were answered. She is going to be married and then baptized on the 24th. My companion and I were so happy. We got back to the house and gave each other a great big hug! When we do our part and it is the Lords will, it will happen.  

On Thursday we spent almost the whole day in the office. The office life is definitely different than the street life. It was a nice change though and we got to cool off with the AC. The real nurse (my companion) is going home in one month so now Hermana Spjut will be in charge of the missionaries health and I will be her helper. We had a meeting to plan how all of it is going to work out and... we will see how it goes :) 

Friday was good. We waited and waited for it to rain but no. I guess we are in a drought here. 

Saturday...Fourth of July! Well two people called me to tell me happy fourth of July but its not a big thing here. I got woke up at 5 in the morning because an elder was in a lot of pain. (the sad/funny part is that he had been calling and sending messages since 330am...I may or may not sleep like a log) We had an interesting lesson with David, who has a problem with drinking. He was washing his car so we went to visit him. Well a different guy came up to us and was asking a bunch of questions. He was drunk and was saying some really funny things. He told us he wanted to hear the word of God so we let him stay. I had to do the hush sign a few times and he repeated the motion and then listened quietly as we taught David. I felt like I was with a little kid. If we make the decision, the gospel will and can change us. It can change anyone if we let it. Once we got back to the house and finished planning, my companion was asleep on the couch within 5 minutes, then I went to talk to the other companionship and Hermana Gutierrez was asleep with her head on the desk. I think we were all a little bit worn out. 

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. We took a bus to pick up one of our investigators, Anglea. We got there, knocked, and her husband came outside. We were chatted while we waited for Angela (thats what we thought anyway) But about 10 minutes later he says, "well Angela already left". hahah it was so funny, we were waiting for nothing. We also gave the Sunday school class...first time in the mission. We talked about the Sabbath day. We visited members and investigators in the afternoon and we did a few FHE with some families. The people here are so great. Oh I also ate a piece of corn on the cob for the first time in my mission so that made me happy. 

Fun facts: 1. My companion is 31 years old. 2. I have a dryer (I feel like I am in the states) 3. One year ago from tomorrow is when this journey began. I opened my mission call (7-7-2014) and read that El Salvador is where the Lord needed me to go. It is crazy how fast time flies. 

While studying one day I came across this scripture and I thought it was funny and applied. "...and behold, sleep had overpowered them because of their much fatigue, which was caused by the labors and heat of the day". Alma 51:33 #missionarywork :) 

I hope you all have a great week. Lots of love!

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