Saturday, August 22, 2015

6/29/15- Hello Espana

Hello everyone :) 

Last Monday we studied and played games as a zone and then went out to eat lunch. Our zone leaders bought our meal because our district baptized the most in our zone. Like they say at Cafe Rio.... "FREEE MEAL!" 

Tuesday was such a good day. It was full of goodbyes. I went with a family. We were chatting and then out of nowhere they surprised me with a note and a drawing. It made my day. We ate lunch with them, took pictures, and enjoyed time together. I feel like I am at home when I am with them. We ended our day as a district eating pancakes with a few members. I love this ward and the people in PARAISO! 

On Wednesday, we had our changes meeting. We all gather together and every new companionship goes on the big projecter with our pictures, our areas, and if we have another role. I am the new nurse of the mission. The real nurse, and my companion, is Hermana Gonzalez. This is her last 6 weeks in the mission and then she will head back to Mexico. She is teaching me the ropes and all that I have to do. The first thing she told me is  "this is your new companion" and handed me my cell phone. And I kid you not, it rings so much. I have a new life now, which means now I dont have a life. haha 

My first day we had to go to the medical clinic  with a sister to get different tests. Sister Craner finished her mission on Wednesday but was sick and they werent going to let her back into the states that way so she had to stay here to recover. So sad but she got to leave on Friday! I really love being able to help with the missionaries health, it is fun :)

My new area is good. I already knew a lot of the members and streets because we always do companion exchanges here. Now it is time to find those who are prepared for this gospel! My new house is really big because it is where all of the sistes have to sleep if they are sick. We have like 3 bathrooms and a washer machine! There are 2 other sisters who live with us, Hna Cole and Hna Gutierrez. It is fun to have more people with us. 

On Friday we had our zone and district meeting. It was Presidents 1 year mark in the mission and his birthday! Our leaders taught us that we know what we need to do to fulfil our calling as a missionary. They talked about how our future depends on how well we serve and give ourselves to the Lord and His work. 
We also had a fun experience. A member here in this ward is blind. We visited him and he told us that he finally has the Book of Mormon in brail. He started to read it for us and it was exactly the same, word for word. I actually got the chills while he was reading. He may not be able to see or read with his eyes but he doesnt have limitations. It just goes to show that we can do anything!! 

Saturday we had a good day. We had two lessons that were very spiritual. David is a 55 year old man who has a drinking problem. He said the opening prayer and it was so simple and sincere. As he finished, he began to cry. A grown man crying. He told us that he wants to change his life around. 
Then we were in a different part of our area. We didnt have plans to go to this house but Hna Gonzalez said that old investigators live there. Anyway, we knocked and a girl answered. We began to talk with her. Oother sistere missionaries had passed a few months earlier. The lesson went well and then we asked her to say the closing prayer. During her prayer, she too began to cry. After she finished praying she began to open up and tell us that a long time again the family was having problems and the other missionaries showed up. Now they have other things going on in their family and we showed up. She felt the Spirit and I know that everything has a time and this is the second opportunity for Cindy to accept this gospel.

Sunday was a good day! We had stake conference and a member from the 70 came to speak. He talked about the importance of family prayer and family scripture study. 
Sunday in the afternoon we had a spiritual lesson with Anglea. We talked about baptism and she told us that she feels good when she is at church with us and that she wants to be baptized. She has the vision and the goal of an eternal family and to raise her daughter in the gospel. We asked if she felt like the church was true and she told us yes. As we left her house, we got POURED on. We didnt have an umbrella nor poncho. I looked like I had just showered. My companion and I had to cross a river together so we held hands and stepped into the crazy thing together. We survived but I am sure we are going to both get sick for playing out in the cold rain. 

Well a scripture for your week. "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they may have everlasting life." I may have the name tag but all of us have the truths, so go share the good word. :) 

Have a great week everyone, I love you all! 
Hermana Ferre 


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