Tuesday, June 30, 2015

6/22/15 Adios Paraiso!

Hola hola to everyone back at home. Well I loved this week, it was a great one! 

Monday- pday was good. We had to clean our house big time. My house is huge but we got rid of all our little friends living with us.

Tuesday we had our district meeting. We read from the scriptures and discussed our purpose and our responsibility as missionaries. Our district leader shared a story that his mom has shared with him. I guess there are sister missionaries in Africa who have armed guards in front of their houses at night to sleep. Elder Craig then asked us why would the church let us go to places that are dangerous like that. The answer is that the work is moving forward. We are instruments in the Lords hands and we are being protected by angels. There are people in all parts of the world who are waiting to hear the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been trusted and set apart to spead the good news to all those who will listen and it is the best.

Wednesday we walked around the world, twice. All of our appointments fell through. We had an activity as members. A return missionary gave the message about how each of us have to do our part to be worthy of recieving the blessings we want and need. We then played some games. One was from Minute to Win It. We had to get the cookie in our mouth without using our hands. They made me go against the other gringo, Elder Craig. He won. haha it was a good time. 

Thursday we began our day by studying as a zone. It was fun and we learned a lot. We also practiced a special number. It took us about 3 years but we finally got it figured out and sounding good. Our zone doesnt have any good singers so it took some time! An elder said the closing prayer and asked for angels to be with us as we sing in front of everyone and that all of us could rememeber to make a copy of our house key. Once he finished the prayer, he told us, "specific prayers, specific results". We then went to work! We helped a lady make some empenadas. Johanna, a recent convert,went visiting with us the whole afternoon. We had a funny experience while walking in the street. We saw a cute older couple. A lady with a guy who had wranglers and a cowboy hat. He was smiling and they looked like a happy couple walking down the street holding hands. I told my companion that we were going to talk with them. Well we introduced ourselves and began chatting with them. The guy was a little bit (or very) drunk. He told me I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and that he cant go to church with us but that he would like to keep in touch and know how it goes through phone calls. And of course he said it all in English. Oh goodness. Gotta laugh at the little things :)

Friday was the best. I was on a spiritual high! Elder Alonso from the Seventy came to visit us. It was INCREDIBLE. He began his visit by shaking all of our hands and looking into our souls. I kid you not! Afterward he told us that if the Lord allows it, he can know our sins. Which sin, when, with who. And then said "so.. be careful with your eyes". haha 

It was such a spiritual meeting. Some things he said with tough love but I learned so much. He explained three things that stood out to me. 1: the way we serve as missionaries depends our future happiness and success. 2: If we want to live with God again, we have to get married, and fast. So no pressure. And 3: the day will come when there will be lines of people wanting to enter the church because it will be the only place with truth and safety. #thechurchissotrue
He shared experiences from his mission and also as a member of the 70. The Spirit filled the room as he bore his testimony. I know without a doubt that he is a man called of God and a special witness of Jesus Christ. I love this gospel with my whole heart. After the meeting, I had exchanges with Hermana Cole. I think we were both really motivated from Elder Alonso because we kicked butt. Our day went smoothly and we had success.

Saturday we helped decorate for a wedding. We gave it a nice touch with what we had to work with. Both companionships of elders had baptisms so we were there supporting them!

Sunday! Dia de Reposo!! And baptism :) Jose was baptized! His baptism was at 8 oclock in the morning. Then he and Jefferson were confirmed in sacrament meeting. We had 7 confirmations this Sunday! Sunday was full of miracles. We visited Jose and his family. His dad is warming up to us. We joked around, talked serious, and got to know him. He is being changed and his heart is being softened. We fixed and ate dinner together and spent time with them. During the lesson as the husband was saying he would like to be baptized and would go to church with us, Sandra kept looking at me with her eyes wide open. She couldnt believe it. She told me the other day that she believes in miracles and I told her that if she did her part, the blessings will come. And things are changing in that home. I love that family so much.

Well I loved this week. It flew by and was full of spirtual moments. Now I have changes so we will see where the Lord needs me now. Adios Paraiso!!

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