Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Hello to my loved ones back at home!

Monday we were together as a zone for the entire day! It was a long but fun day. We studied together then played musical chairs. A game that is so simple but we had lots of fun. I laughed and laughed. I loved it! I almost won. It was me and a different sister from Cali. We were walking in circles around 1 chair. haha I was getting dizzy. I am sure that is why I lost! Then we went to Pizza Hut to eat lunch. It was a good time as a zone!

Tuesday we had our zone meeting. It was a nice heart to heart. We actually started out by telling funny stories then we moved to the spiritual part. I was very uplifted and spiritually fed. There are always things to improve, especially as a full time representative of Jesus Christ. We talked about how we can better our personal study to study and prepare ourselves more for the investigators and their needs in that day.  

On Wednesday we visited a sister who we had invited her to be baptized the 14th of this month. Well we hadnt visited for about a week and as we were chatting with her, she brought up the 14th. She had that date in her mind and was preparing. We had to postpone the date until the 28th because she has to go to church but it was so great to see her faith and her desire to change. We also visited Marcela. She is so great, seriously. She began to tell us about how she wants to serve a mission. Also that she knows that God has blessed her with this gospel at this time in her life so that she can serve and share it with others too. And that she wants to help others like we have helped her.  Moments like that make it all worth it! 

Thursday was a good one. The best part was our Noche de Hermanimiento. We gathered together as members to learn more. The elders gave the message and they talked about the Sabbath Day and the Sacrament. We need to take the Sacrament each Sunday and we need to prepare ourselves throughout the week to take it. It needs to be a spiritual experience and we should always live worthy to partake of it and let the Atonement of Christ take affect in our ├▒ives. Anyway, we played a game. We acted out different words and one person had to guess. It was played in Spanglish. We laughed and had a good time. I also got rejected big time! I tried to introduce myself and the family just kept walking and said something like "no thanks". haha oh the joys. 

A funny story- it is about a different sister here in the mission. She knocked on a door and said "hola, buenas". The guy responded saying "otra vez" (which means again) so the sister repeated herself saying "buenas" again. haha well the guy wasnt wanting her to repeat herself but was grumbling that the mormons were at his house again. He opened the door and thinking the sister was american yelled shut up in English! hahaha so funny. 

Friday we visited the family of a young man who is going to be baptized on Saturday. His dad finally listened to us. He normally hides but he stayed with us and listened. In the end he told us he would give permission for all of his children to be baptized. Slowly but surely he is being changed and one day, he will accept the gospel. The gospel really does change people.

Saturday we had an activity with the youth of the ward. I felt like I was back home with all of the young men and women. They played water games and then ate lunch. We also studied as a district. We talked about our investigators who arent progressing very easily. We thought of ideas and scriptures to help each companionship. An action plan to help our "problem children" :) Being a missionary is the best. 

Yesterday was a happy and sunny Sunday! We witnessed a miracle. A family who wasnt committed came to church on their own. It is the family of Marcela, who was baptized about a month ago. Their first time at church and they really enjoyed it. It was a miracle. We walked and walked on Sunday, talked to a lot of families in the street, and put a baptism date with Jose! 

It was a good and happy week. I hope you all have a great week. Love you all! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Ferre  

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