Saturday, June 13, 2015

Happy June! 6/1/15

ell what can I say? Another great week is in the books! And... HAPPY JUNE!

So first of all, pday was awesome. We did all of our errands and had time to chill out for a second in the house. One of our errands was printing out pictures. My companion and I were waiting for the pictures and talking up a storm. She asked me which of the frames I liked the best and then BAM! The shelf collapsed. haha oh my goodness.It was one of those moments where it fell, we caught it, and then one by one the frames continued to fall from random places. Luckily the elders helped out and nothing broke.It was so funny though, ooops.

Monday night we went with the Mena family to make and eat pupusas. 7 missionaries in one dinner appointment but hey, it is more fun that way! This family lives in the forrest. In the middle of nowhereƱ no lights in the streets, no cars, no people. "And there was not any light seen, neither fire, nor glimmer, neither the sun, nor the moon, nor the stars, for so great were the mists of darkness which were upon the face of the land." 3 Nephi 8:22  haha anyway, as we left their house we could not see anything. There is a small pathway we have to take and on one side it is a ledge so my companion and I were walking like grandmas hugging the opposite side of the path. The elders finally decided to one go ahead and the other follow behind us. I seriously laughed the entire time. I found it so funny and couldnt stop laughing.
I have really noticed in my mission how many great people there are in the world. People with big hearts and a willingness to do whatever to help someone out. While I was in the bus with a few bags, one guy stood up and let me have his seat. Then the same day as I was leaving the bus, one of the bus workers helped me get off the bus. He grabbed my arm which technically isnt okay but it made my day that he was willing to give a helping hand.That is what is important! There are good people and lots of acts of service around us. 

Tuesday was such a great day. We had a multizone meeting. The mission doctor and his wife came to give tips and counsels on our health. The best part is that I knew them in the CCM and they are the best. They remembered me and I felt like I was seeing a friendly face from home. It made my day to see them. We did a few activities and then ended our meeting in a kneeling prayer. About 50 missionaries with Presidente y Hermana Spjut and Presidente said the prayer.It was a cool experience. 

We then went to work! Two of our invesitgators went to the mutual. They had a great time! As we were walking them home, each began to ask questions. Jose told Hna Cervantes that he has began praying to know if the church is true and that he is preparing to be baptized. Daniel told me he wants to serve a mission. He asked about a million mission questions and told me that he too would like to be baptized. It really was a miracle moment. When someone willingly offers up that they are preparing to be baptized and that they are sincerely searching for an answer, it is a miracle. Our ward needs young men and the Lord has placed these two young men in our path.

My companion and I got caught in another rainstorm. Within about 30 seconds of leaving an appointment, the rain hit. And the rain hits like no other. The streets were filled and we didnt have anything for shelter. So we began to run to our house. We booked it and my agenda fell out of my backpack and got SOAKED. So now I have a tie dyed agenda with wrinkled pages. It is a beauty. We then got home and had a bunch of bugs in our bedroom. We sprayed Raid but then realized we shouldnt sleep in there with the fumes. So...we moved our mattresses and we slept in our study room. Im telling you, Tuesday was a crazy day!

Wednesday was also kind of crazy. We had our weekly planning then went visiting people. We were in a more poor part of town. We knocked on a door and the dog from the house next door began barking. I began to back away because he clearly didnt want us nearby. Anyway,the dog may or may not have bit me. But the good news is that I still have my leg and it is all healed up!
On Thursday, I was so tired, We were in the middle of a lesson and I could barely keep my eyes open. I said the prayer and I swear my body was asleep while my mind was functioning enough to speak. It was the first time I have been that tired during a lesson. 

On Friday we had our English classes. We taught emotions! Then we had an activity. Noche de hermanimiento. Its like FHE as a ward. We had about 20 people. One of the members, Betsy, gave the message on how to strengthen the home to keep Satan out. It was great! We then played a game where there was a thing of flour shaped into a square. There was a piece of candy in the middle. Each of us took turns slicing a part of the flour. And whoever cut the last piece when the flour fell, had to get the candy out with their mouth. It was funny, everyone was nervous. haha 

The best part of Friday was our last lesson of the day. We visited Sandra with the Elders. She had doubts about a living prophet. It was such a spiritual lesson. We cleared up her doubts and explained that God doesnt change. He has always called prophets so there has to be one in these days. She explained some of the changes in her home from having the visits and the gospel. Her son is really involved with the youth wants to be baptized, she has the desire to go to church, read the Book of Mormon, and be baptized. Her husband who before didnt want anything to do with religion is openly talking about Sandra and the kids going to church. Church caused big fights before but now he is being supportive. I dont know if the husband will be baptized while I am here but this family is being changed and it is amazing to see them finding this gospel. This gospel touches peoples hearts and changes lives. 

Saturday and Sunday were good as well. Every day is good here in the mission! The members are great, we have a few progressing investigators, and there are blessings all around. I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Hna Ferre 

Oh and this is Jefferson who is going to be baptized on Sunday. 
Also she is Sister Province who came to visit!

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