Friday, June 12, 2015


Well pday last week was super fun. We played soccer as a zone then we all ate lunch together. Afterward my companion and I went to buy our food for the week. We went to a grocery store that I have never been to and oh my goodness!I felt like I was back at home.This grocery store was like the Target of all the Walmarts.They had things that I havent been able to find in other stores. Goldfish, Chili Powder, and Fruty Pebbles.I actually didnt buy any of it but I was so shocked. After buying our food we went to the church to hang out with some members and some elders. We celebrated a birthday and needed candles so we went on exchanges for 10 minutes and I went with a member in her car to buy the candles. It sure was nice to have a car! We then had a meeting with the Ward missionaries and us full time missionaries. After the meeting ended, the elders made pancakes.It was a laid back day. Gotta love pday!
So as missionaries we are teaching English classes. Every Friday at 4pm and it has been so much fun. We come up with different worksheets and activities to learn easier. I seriously laugh so hard. I am sure it was the same with my teachers and me when I began in Spanish but seriously, I was laughing so hard. We have a good time!
My highlight of the week was Marcelas baptism. She was so happy and looked beautiful. Her mom and sister came to support her. We visited with her after the baptism and she told us that she feels clean and feels new. We also bought a cake for her baptism but had to pick it up on Saturday because the baptism was on Sunday. We ordered it and then said we would be at the bus station at a certain time. Well the transportation here is by bus and some of the buses we need take forever to make the loop so we showed up late to meet the guy. THEN I went to pay and I didnt have my wallet. I was searching through my bag and nothing. Luckily I am somewhat prepared and I had a $20 in a different spot. All ended well but man I was so stressed.
We visited a recent convert family. Alex and Fatima. We read the Book of Mormon and I swear Alex understands it better than I do. Alex then said the closing prayer. He prayed and asked that we wil be able to find those who are in need of and searching for this góspel. It was such a sincere and humble prayer. The Spirit was so strong in that momento.
He then invited us to eat dinner with them. Fatima wasnt feeling well so my companion and I ended up cooking. I finally learned how to do refried beans. Simple and tasty!
My companion and I taught Plan of Salvation to a family while sitting in the Street. There were rocks, dirt, and ants running around everywhere but the Spirit was there testifying of the truth.
This góspel is amazing. There are moments each day that strengthen my testimony. Have a great week. :)
Lots of love,
Hna Ferre

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