Saturday, April 11, 2015


Well this week was a little slow, nothing crazy happened. 

We had our last zone meeting of the change. We ate cake to celebrate a birthday and the service of the 4 missionaries in our zone who are going home! We ate the cake with our fingers and on a napkin because that is how we do it here in the mission. 

On Wednesday, every single one of our appointments had fallen through. We went from plan to plan and we kept being rejected. We were knocking at a door that wasnt going to open haha so this nice lady began talking to us to let us know. It just so happens that she lives close by so we asked to visit with her. She knows English so she asked if we could talk in English. It was my first lesson in English and I felt weird! Anyway, we got talking and she began to cry and told us that she knows that God put us in her path because she needed us. You never know who is in need of a small chat or even a smile.Then we continued on with our day. Our very last lesson was with a couple, Carmen and Carlos. They have been married for 50 years. My companion and I werent going to go because we only had a small amount of time and we were far from home but we decided to go. They let us in and the husband begins to tell us that they had been fighting and having problems. He told us that he said a prayer and then we showed up at his door. He said the closing prayer and called us angels. It strengthened my testimony and I know that we were guided to them at that time to help.

A drunk guy came up to my companion and I while we were talking to two elders on pday. I was the only american in the group and he wanted to speak in English. Anyway, he wouldnt leave us alone and kept following us so my companion and I entered into a pharamacy with armed guards haha and the man left quickly in the opposite direction. Then a different drunk guy came up to us and asked my companion for a handshake then he turns to me and asks me for my eye because he had a false eye.Its true, he had a false eye but never before have I been asked to lend my eyeball. Oh and just a fun fact, almost every drunk guys knows a little bit of English and wants to chat.

Well, the rainy season has come. On Friday we were in the house of a member visiting her for her birthday and the rain began. We werent prepared at all. Thankfully she gave us garbage bags to put our scriptures in, then we headed out in the rain. When we finally made it to the next appointment, we were soaked.I just laughed because who wouldnt laugh at being soaking wet and wanting people to let you into their homes to listen to our message?

On Saturday we had a fun stake activity. People had different types of typical food here in El Salvador and we got to go around and try all sorts of things. My favorite was of course just some simple beans on a tostada. It was a fun activity! After the activity, we had the Womens Conference. It was good to see a familiar atmosphere and to hear a few hymns in English. 
We ate dinner with some members. They both served here in El Salvador and met in the mission. They told us some of their mission stories. Back in their day, they baptized every Sunday. If they didnt have a baptism on Sunday, they didnt get pday that week. And as a district of three companionships, they baptized 65 people in one month. That is crazy talk! But so cool. 

So yesterday in church, the bishop announced that ward council meeting was right after sacrament. So my companion went searching for the meeting. We went to the room where we thought it was, it was full of people. We finally entered and asked if we needed to be in this room. Everyone welcomed us in so nicely and jokingly said [all we talk about is marriage[. The bishop is always joking around so we continued in and sat down. It didnt take us 5 minutes to realize that we didnt belong in this class. It wasnt the ward council meeting, it was the young single adults class. I seriously was laughing so hard. My companion and I finally left the class, everyone there was laughing. My companion and I were just getting a head start in the young single adult life. hahah so funny.

All is well here in El Salvador. I hope you all have a great week! Love you lots! :)
Hermana Ferre 

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