Monday, March 23, 2015

Wedding & Baptisms!

Hello, this week went by so fast and was such a great week!! Lots of miracles and lots of laughs. 

Well pday last week was so fun. After writing home we went to this fancy resort. It was so pretty.The biggest temptation of the day was the swimming pool. All of us wanted to jump right in. Everyone joked about accidently pushing people in. Presidene and Hermana Spjut came and spent the afternoon with us. We all played capture the flag! I was guarding our flag with another sister missionary, Hna Escobar. All of our team were in jail. We only had 4 sisters left playing on our team and about 8 or 9 elders on the opposite team trying to capture our flag.The game lasted for quite a while. In the end, the elders grabbed the flag and ran away. Good efforts though for us hermanas though. We put up a good fight! Presidente had a fall while we were playing.Ooops, but he did not get hurt. After playing we all had lunch together. It was a lot of fun! Hermana Spjut and I also played in the sprinklers a little bit. We cant swim but we can play in the the sprinklers, right?

As a mission we have a goal that is Family spotted, family contacted. In Spanish, Familia vista, familia contactada. In our zone meeting we put our numbers on the board. My companion and I contacted 55 families during the week. Nobody believed us because all of the other numbers were 8'28 families. Out of all of the 55 families, nobody was very positive but we know that if we talk to every family, we are going to be blessed in a different way. And sure enough, that night we contacted a house that is next to ours. They welcomed us right in and come to find out, they want to join a church and they want to attend ours. An older couple, their daughter who is middle aged, and her two daughters, 6 and 17 years old. I know without a doubt that they are a blessing because of our efforts to talk with families. If we are obedient, the blessings will come.

 We also did baptism interview questions with Carmen and Edwin. One of the questions is if they have committed a serious crime. Carmen responds to us and says in a normal, serious voice, "one day I didnt shower". It caught me off guard but it was so funny. Her timing was perfect. They are such a funny couple!

So on Wednesday, Carmen and Edwin had their real interviews. My companion and I,Carmen and Edwin were all in the church waiting for the elder to get there. This church building is all fenced in and has a gate that needs a control to even get into the parking lot. So as we were waiting, we got a phone call. The elders asked us to find the person with the control to let them in. It was then that we realized everyone who was there when we arrived, had left. Yeah, we got locked inside the church with our investigators. Luckily we have cell phones and we called the bishop. He saved the day and the interviews went great!

Friday was the BEST DAY EVER. We had a wedding and a family baptism. Before the wedding, we helped the Relief Society make sandwiches. You would not believe the amount of mayo they use. Nasty! Then we headed to the church. My companion and I washed and filled the baptism font and set up chairs for the baptism and also for the wedding. The Relief Society decorated for the wedding. Simple and beautiful. Carmen and Edwin showed up late with two pick up trucks full of family riding in the back. We greeted them then went to the bathroom with Carmen to help her get dressed and do her make up. Carmen was finally ready and then we couldnt find Edwin, his truck wasnt in the church. He went to go buy his own ring haha anyway, they played the wedding music as she walked down the isle with her grandpa. The wedding was nice. We took photos and then they changed their clothes for the baptism. The bishop baptized the both of them. Carmen went first, then Edwin. Such a special day for them and for me! They were baptized as a family and now have the gospel as the base in their relationship. The baptism was very special. Then they cut their cake and had their first dance. People were still dancing and having a good time at 9 when we had to leave so we searched for Carmin and Ediwn to say goodbye. They were already in their truck. We ran to say goodbye. We waved them off on their way and a member yelled, "we want you both here Sunday morning, early!" Those crazy lovebirds. I laughed that they left their reception early without saying goodbye to anyone. Family and members from the ward were still inside!It was such a special day. Like I said, BEST DAY EVER. 

I hope all is well back at home. I miss and love you all! Go share the gospel with a friend. :)

Lots of love, 
Hermana Ferre 

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