Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy April! 4/6/2015

Hello to the people back at home! This week was a good one. A lot of activities to keep us busy and to change the pace a little bit. 

On Wednesday we had changes. My companion and I didnt have changes so we will be together in Independencia for at least another 6 weeks. I am grateful. Another six weeks in a great ward, in a great house, and in a great area. No complaints on my end! But best news ever, I am in the same zone as my companion from the CCM, Hermana Timoteo. It is going to be such a fun change with her close by! 

A missionary in the ward left on his mission. My companion and I bought him a few little things and we went to his house after he was set apart to give it to him. His mom made pupusas for his "last supper". We all got to enjoy the pupusas as well. It brought back all of the memories and feelings from when I was set apart and saying goodbye. He only has one sister so of course they are best friends like Karles and I. It was a special moment because the family was obviously sad but also at peace because they understand why and what he is doing.  Families are the best and the gospel is beautiful.

On Thursday, we got a little bit of rain. And by a little bit I mean a flood of rain. There was thunder and lightning and it was POURING rain. My companion and I left our lesson and headed out into the rain. Within 30 seconds my skirt and my shoes were completely soaked. We went to our next lesson, they thankfully let us in. However, we were soaking wet so when we left that lesson, there was a giant puddle of water because of us. It cooled things off so when we got home, we drank some hot chocolate. :)

On Friday we went to the temple with our investigators. It was a special experience! We all gathered together in the church that is next to the temple. President Spjut then welcomed everyone and explained different beliefs and showed videos from the church. Then our investigators and the members who were with them went to different rooms in the church to learn more about the gospel from the missionaries. Plan of Salvation, what we do in the temple, orginazations in the church. Presidente and his wife both shared their testimonies about the temple and how families are forever then we ended the meeting with a special number of "Familias Pueden Ser Eternas". It was last minute but somehow we pulled it off. We sang the last chorus in English and we had to write it down because we couldnt remember it well in English. haha oops. It was a special day!

General Conference was the BEST! I was so excited for conference and when we got to the church Saturday morning the elders told me we were going to watch it in English in a different room. BEST DAY EVER.I seriously enjoyed every minute of conference. My testimony was strengthened even more that those men really are called of God and that they really are special witnesses of Jesus Christ. I love this gospel with my whole heart. It was so fun to be with a group of English speakers. The cool part was when the two speakers spoke in Spanish, we didnt have to have it translated to English, we could understand.

Some of my favorite parts of conference:
We believe in Him. We follow Him. We deeply love Him.
Doubt not, be not afraid.
Always keep an eternal perspective and be engaged in the work of salvation.
On THAT day, my life changed. Your life changed. The sinless, pure, and holy man rose from death.
Death has no sting. The grave has no victory. Satan has no lasting power. 

I am so grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Christ is leading His church through President Monson. I know that because of my Savior, Jesus Christ, I can be forgiven of my sins. It is through the Atonement that we may find peace and comfort.It is through the Atonement that we have the chance to begin again. It doesnt matter who we are or who we have been, we can start over and follow the Savior and the path that leads to eternal life and eternal happiness. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each and every one of us. If we follow the Savior, His teachings and His example, we will one day return to live with our Heavenly Father. 
Anyway, I love you all! Have a wonderful week. And Happy late Easter. :) I Know That My Redeemer Lives.

Lots of love,
Hermana Ferre 

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