Thursday, November 6, 2014

I Absolutely Love It Here!

Sorry I am a day late with the update, I've been a little busy with school! Here is the newest email from Ken. She is doing great and loves it in Guatemala. She wanted to thank everyone for their love and support. 

Well hello from Guatemala!


A lot happens every day and it has been such an amazing experience. I have made it to my halfway mark in the CCM.(MTC) Time is flying!  Last Tuesday we were able to go on aGuatemala City tour and see the town. The traffic and driving is crazy and people are everywhere. We got to go to the market also and I bought a skirt. It seriously looks like a Latina skirt, I love it.


The best part about that day was that we got to hand out our first Book of Mormon. We went to the Guatemala Plaza and walked up to a little old lady who was sitting on a little bench under an umbrella eating an ice cream cone. She was selling bird feed and told us she did that every day. Her name was Antonia. We asked her questions about her life and about her beliefs. We invited her to read the Libro de Mormon and testified that she would receive an answer if it was true or not through sincere prayer. She was willing and accepted the Libro de Mormon. We invited her to read Moroni 10 to begin with. It was such a fun experience to be out there and talking to real people and having the opportunity to share and use what we know.


When we got back to the CCM, one of the leaders said that we were back to the Garden of Eden.

It is so true. Complete differences from this building and the outside world.


I have also been ready and studying the Introduction of the Book of Mormon. It is so good. All of you should go read the Introduction and the testimonies of the three, the eight, and Joseph Smith. It is so good.


For Halloween my District and I dressed up as Latinos. The Elders wore Latino ties and the Hermanas wore Latina skirts. I French braided my hair into a bun. Not sure if we completely pulled it off but it was fun! Hermana Cox went all out. She had the kitchen staff join us and they dressed up, they don’t even celebrate Halloween! We had an orange chocolate fountain and these crazy desserts that were different Halloween shapes. It was fun.


On Saturday night we began our fast. We did a complete 24 hour fast. In testimony meeting most of us bore our testimonies in Spanish. The Spirit was so strong. My District and I love singing. It is probably one of the very best parts about being a missionary, we sing ALL the time. We sang last night in a Devotional. We sang Army of Helaman and changed the words in the chorus to we are NOW the Lords missionaries. I loved it. We are singing a different song soon also.


My District and I also play Mafia. Not all the time but we play when we need a break from studying. We laugh so hard and it is a fun change of pace! Our teacher Hermano Noack, actuallybrought it up so we started playing because of him and he totally makes the game. He is hilarious!


The showers are cold, the food is great. My teachers are amazing. I am convinced that one of them will be an Apostle one day.


I absolutely love it here. Being a missionary is the greatest thing. I love that I am surrounded by people who are centered on the same beliefs and focused on the same great work.


I love you all and I hope you have a great week!


Con Mucho Amor, Hermana Ferre

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