Monday, October 27, 2014


Miracles really do happen!! We received a surprise email today from Hermana Ferre! She has started to get the letters we have been sending. It takes two weeks to get to her, so keep writing! She appreciates it!  Here are some excerpts from this email...

  • We have two bunk beds and I am on the top. Every night I fear I am going to fall off haha...

  • We get a 15 minute break after dinner called refaccion where we pass off something we learned and get a snack or treat. Seriously so much food here, all the time. It is a good thing we work out everyday. The ice cream here is seriously so much better than in the states. Absolutely delightful!

  • My district actually brought pictures of our families to the district meeting last night. I got to show our families off, I totally loved bragging about you guys. And by the way, our family is seriously the CUTEST!

  • I have been getting kinda chilly at night but not horrible. The humidity isn't too bad either but we are also inside all day long!

  • They take really good care of us here. I have only had one warm shower here though so that has been an adjustment, who likes to shower in ice cold water? NO ONE!!!

  • I have one really good story to share though. I got to teach a real life inactive member of the church. She is eighteen and the only member in her family. She told us she wanted to serve a mission. We got so excited and she asked for advice in preparing. We told her the libro de Mormon and Preach My Gospel. She didn't have a PMG so anyway we continue and we ended by having her say the closing prayer. The Spirit was so strong and we honestly loved her so much and we had only talked for 30 minutes. We left and decided we should go back and give her my Spanish PMG. Our teacher had us interrupt the elders teaching her. So we signed the PMG saying good luck preparing, we love you. We quickly walked in during the middle of their lesson and handed her the book. She said thank you and we left. Later that night, one of the elders that was teaching her came up to us and asked if we knew what happened to that girl we gave the PMG to. We said no and he told us that she immediately began crying and the Spirit in the room was so strong. He thanked us for bringing the spirit and giving her the PMG. It was honestly the best experience of my mission so far and we didn't even teach her a lesson! We just gave her advice, got to know her and testified to her. From the start we loved her and that's what it is about. We teach people, not lessons.

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  1. So, you have discovered a way to make me cry from hundreds of miles away. You are gifted. Love you hermana.