Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hello From Guatemala!

Hello! I am so excited to finally write home. I absolutely love the CCM. We are so busy and we speak in basically total Spanish. We are supposed to try our best and we do surprising well. There are 4 Elders and 4 Sisters in my District. Elder Dunn, Elder Farnsworth, Elder Astle, and Elder Morgan. Hermana Timoteo, Hermana Nelson, Hermana Reed, and Hermana Ferre! Our district name is the Malachias.
Hermana Timoteo and I have taught four lessons in complete Spanish. It is not goos Spanish but we have done it. Our investigators name is Hermano Daniel Sanchez, he is one of our teachers. Yesterday we did an English fast as a District. We went for 24 hours without speaking any English. We did pretty well but by the end we were slipping in quite a bit of English. Spanish is hard but it is coming along. I am able to have basic conversations, pray, bear my testimony, and kinda teach in Spanish. Hermana Timoteo and I have really been focusing on feeling and being led by the Spirit during lessons and preperations.
Our president is Presidente Cox and his wife is Hermana Cox. They are great! Very loving.
As hermanas we gather together every night to sing a hymn and to pray. We have quite a few Latina Hermanas and I adore them. Some speak English so they help us with our Spanish and we help them with their English. At every meal we sit together so we can practice our Spanish.
My favorite day so far has been Sunday. All of the meetings and devotionals were in English except for Sacrament. It made it a lot easier to feel the Spirit. In one of the devotionals given by Presidente Cox, he talked about how the Lord does not need all of us as missionaries. He turned to Judges chapter 7 and we read verses about how the Lord commanded His soliders to lap up the water or to bow down to his knees to drink. vs 4 through 6. Go read! The number of those who lapped the water was 300. Anyway, the Lord only needed 300 of His best soldiers to go out and fight. As such, the Lord only needs 300 of the 88,000 missionaries to do His work. He needs 300 of the hardest workers, dedicated, obedient soliders to being souls unto Him. Presidente Cox then challenged us to become those 300. We are here to work hard, obey with exactness, and dedicate our lives to the Lord and His work. After all, this is the Lord's mission, not mine.
On Sunday was also President Monson's birthday and we had a live devotional from Elder Anderson so we sang Happy Birthday to President Monson from Guatemala.
Today I got to go to the temple. It was amazing!! We are literally like a two minute walk away from the Guatemala temple. It was a lot smaller than the temples and sessions at home but it was beautiful!
The CCM food is really good. Everyone says not to get used to it because it will not be like that in our actual missions. You should see the portions of guac they give us! They also have this REALLY good lime juice. It is delightful. You would love it, Mom!
Let's all take a moment to be thankful that I already had my wisdom teeth out. The Latinos had to get there wisdom teeth out yesterday here at the CCM. So thankful that I have been there and done that.
One sad thing that happened is that my lotion was taken out of my bag because of the Hemp symbol I suppose.
It rains all the time and we are cooped up inside for the majority of the day. We have classes all day from 730am to 930pm with one break for Deportes in the afternoon. It is actually kind of cold here in Guatemala which was surprising to me.
Anyway, they took our Ipods and Cameras for our stay in the CCM so I won't be sending any photos but I am going to try to send a group photo of my District and Zone that they took of us.
The biggest focus in the CCM is on obedience. Every devotional or class talks about obedience. Obedencia Exactitude! I see the wisdom behind everything they are doing here at the CCM and everything that have us do.
I am so thankful to be apart of something so amazing and to be on the Lord's errand. It is the best experience I have had so far. Definitely worth it and I am only one week into it. All is well here in Guatemala. I miss you all and I think about you all the time!
Hope all is well, talk to you next week!
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Ferre

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