Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Safe and Sound

Good news! We have already received an email from Hermana Ferre! She has arrived safely in Guatemala and is now at the MTC. Here is her first email, enjoy!

Hola! I am safe and sound in Guatemala! It has been a really long night so we are headed to bed. All is well and I love it so far! Everyone is so friendly and inviting.
We will get our name tags and books this afternoon after our nap!
My P day will be on Wednesday so I will write again in one week. My companion is Hermana Timoteo, she was the really bubbly and fun one at the airport. I am so excited. We have gotten along really well so far.
Guatemala is pretty, it reminds me a lot of Dominican Republic. It is very humid and rainy.
We are like two walking minutes from the Guatemala Temple and we get to go on Tuesdays!! I am so excited.
I was able to have a missionary experience on the airplane and hand out a Book of Mormon. Her name was Michelle and she was Catholic and from Chicago! We talked the entire plane ride to California. *Make sure to tell Colton! He will be happy to know that his advice of bringing a Book of Mormon was so worth it!*
All is well and things are going great.
When I write you next, I will be able to pray and bear my testimony in Spanish... WHAT!
I MISS YOU GUYS! I love you!
Hermana Ferre
Hermana Timoteo(left) Hermana Ferre & Hermana Evans(right)

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