Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hello Independecia!

Hello family and friends! 

So this week I had changes. We packed up our bags on Monday and then on Tuesday we cleaned our house and packed the rest of our things. Our house had to be painted and it was a disaster! 2 people packing to move and 2 other people in our house painting. We did a lot of shuffling around. Monday night we had dinner with some members, the Flores Family. I guess they take all of the missionaries out to dinner when they have changes. It was fun and it was nice to eat pizza haha. 

On Tuesday we said all of our goodbyes. Then came Wednesday! I seriously was dreading changes because it is a pain to pack up and move all our crap. It was seriously so funny though! Hermana Najera and I had sooo much stuff. We had to get it to the Stake Center so we called a motortaxi. The motor taxi´s here are tiny but somehow we managed to get all of the stuff and ourselves into the taxi. It was a good laugh and a good time! 

My new companion is Hermana Roa. She is 22 and from Columbia. Our area is Independecia and it is super city. My other area was poor but this new area is just like being in the city. Tons of people, tons of cars. Stores and places to eat. We don´t have very many investigators right now but we are working on that. It is a constant work in progress! 

My new house is cool. When you walk in the front door, you walk into the room we study in. Then you walk out a glass door to the outside. You can either go straight into the kitchen or left and go up some outdoor stairs to our bedroom. It is a weird but cool. We don´t have hot water for the shower but we have a washer, dryer, and oven. So definitely some pros with this house. I will send photos next week. 

The members here are great. A lot of them speak English too so it is fun. We speak a lot of Spanglish. The members are very willing to help us missionaries. My first 5 days here I have had lunch and dinner. That was unheard of in my other area. We also had to find a new cook because the Elders are eating at the same house as us and that isn´t allowed. So we found a different member to cook our lunches. 

A funny experience- my other companion, Hermana Najera was learning English. We tried to speak in English at night in our house so she could practice. Anyway, they asked me to say the prayer in English to end planning. I started the prayer and I seriously couldn´t do it in English. It was the slowest prayer I have ever said and it was in my own language. My companions started to laugh at me during my prayer. It was really funny! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all!!

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Ferre

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