Monday, December 15, 2014

Milagros (Miracles) en El Salvador!

Go Forth and Bear Your Testimony and You Will Witness Miracles

In the CCM, my companion and I did an exercise about the importance of our calling. We represent Jesus Christ. Our teacher had us promise in the name of Jesus Christ something to our companions. Hermana Timoteo promised me in the name of Jesus Christ that if I did my part, the Lord would provide and I would touch the heart of someone in the first part of my mission. The Spirit was so strong that night. Anyway, it happened! I have a baptism date!! Hermana Tania Suares. She is 19 years old and has a 3 year old. She is so prepared and so ready to be baptized. Her baptism is going to be the 28th so Merry Christmas to me! She is a miracle. We found her and since day one she has been progressing. Milagro!! 

During a different lesson with the Siete Family, I learned how to make tortillas! It was just like Cafe Rio, so I am pretty sure I qualify to work there after my mission. It was in a little barn looking thing and the smoke was so thick but it was fun! Later that night my companions said something about Alma Siete. I was like who is Alma Siete? They just stared at me then started laughing because they were talking about the chapter in Alma. So funny!


We go to Young Women multiple times a week. On Saturday we learned, well I learned, how to make tostadas, then we all ate together. 

On Thursday, we had intercambios (exchanges) and I was able to work with Hermana Evans!! It was such a great day. She is like a piece of home. It was fun to see her progress and to learn  from her. Her mom also sent me a card for Thanksgiving. It was so thoughtful, she also sent a picture of Christ that says I Am Always With You. 

On Friday we went to a Multi Zona Conference. My companions spoke, we did different practices, and recieved direction from Presidente y Hermana Spujt. It was a lot of sitting but it was a nice break from the running we do every other day. We also sang a special number as a Zona. We sang What Child is This? It was fun to be involved! The best part was getting my letters, I had like 6. 


This week had a lot of adventures! The area we are having most success in is like 20 minutes away so we take a bus, then we walk through the jungle. The area is so crazy. Super green and all sorts of hills and bridges. The teaching is going well. We have some invesigators who are progressing well, and others who make us sad with their choices. I just always have to remember that people have their agency and many people are prepared and waiting for us to find them! 

I seriously cannot believe that is it Monday again, this last week flew. My companions and I love P Day. It feels like Christmas, all of us get so excited and jump out of bed! How lucky am I that I get to experience the happiness of Christmas every week? Today for P Day we are going to a different city to do some shopping and we are practicing with our Zona for the Christmas Activity. We are singing and dancing to Santa Claus is Coming to Town! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Enjoy the holiday season, it is the best time of the year!! I love you all! 

Con Mucho Amor,
 Hermana Ferre

Here are some extra pics from Hermana Ferre's apartment! 

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