Monday, December 1, 2014

First Week!

Hello hello!

Wow, what a week! My first week in El Salvador has been a success, I made it! 
My area is Progreso and my Zona is Juayua. It is super green and rocky. I am definitely in a hiking area. It is super windy and surprisingly it has been cold. Who would have thought!
My companions are Hermana Sien and Hermana Najera. Hermana Sien is from Arizona and Hermana Najera is from Honduras. They are both so great and have helped so much with helping me adjust and with the language. Our house is nice and safe. It is blue on the outside and we have a nice set up inside. We have hot water and a kitchen which other missionaries dont have. I have a mosquito net that I sleep under and we apply bug spray morning, noon, and night! We also have a cook who cooks us lunch, Hermana Romi. 
Okay so my first lesson! We literally walked through a jungle to get there. The house looked like an old old cabin. We go inside and it is just an open room with beds and clothes hanging everywhere and dirt floors. We began with a hymn and a prayer and I could not read the hymn book because they did not have lights, it was that dark! His name is Carlos and he is a less active member and we talked about the Book of Mormon. 
That night the Bishop had us over for dinner because he wanted to meet me. He is great. He and his family have been so welcoming. He read my palm that night too. I do not know if that is a thing or not but apparently I will have two kids and lots of guys to choose from for marraige haha. The Bishop is really involved in mission work. He is really good about helping us and having us report our progress with the less active members. The members are all wonderful too. Seriously. They make me feel so welcomed. We are in a progressing ward of about 75 members, crazy. And there are some families that we visit almost every day.
I had my first experience contacting a bus. I literally stood up in a moving bus and introduced ourselves as missionaries and what our message was. It went suprisingly well, kinda fun! 
I also got to attend my first baptism. It was loud and had a lot of people talking and kids running, but that is just how they do things here. 
I was teaching a section of the Restoration to a lady named Angelica. It was the first lesson with her. My companion, Hermana Najera, said that my Spanish was perfect and that she knows I had help. 
Things are good here on my end. I am learning lots every day and I see the Lords hand in all that I do. This work is amazing! 
Have a great week, everyone! I love you all! 
Hermana Ferre



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