Monday, April 20, 2015


This was a good week filled with lots of blessings :)

On Monday we ended our pday early. We began working at 3pm. It felt like a normal day because we didnt have time to do anything. Time goes by so fast. Here we are with another pday! On Monday we got caught in another rain storm. Luckily we were close to home so we ran in and locked ourselves in our room to plan and study.

We had our zone meeting and it was so spiritual. I love it because I have the chance to learn and take a break from teaching. We watched a video from Elder Holland. The part I loved most was,"If you love me, you will feed my sheep", "Then feed my sheep. And do it forever". "Thou art my servant; and I covenant with thee that thou shalt have eternal life; and thou shalt serve me and go forth in my name, and shalt gather together my sheep." Mosiah 26:20 I am on the Lords errand and I love the simple phrase of "then feed my sheep, and do it forever". That is why I am here. I am here to feed His sheep and to spead the gospel to "all the world". 

On Wednesday we got to wake up bright and early and go to the TEMPLE!! It was so great. I have officially done my first session in Spanish. All temples are beautiful but the El Salvador temple is extra beautiful. It is the house of the Lord and the Spirit was so strong. As missionaries we all rode together in a small bus. It was so much fun. We laughed and laughed. And then laughed some more. I am so grateful to be here in this country with these people. 25 young representatives of Jesus Christ serving with the same purpose. 

We worked with 3 members and all 3 are return missionaries. I absolutely loved it. Each of them had different ways of helping the investigators and I learned a lot from them! We contacted many houses where the people didnt want anything. We offered to say a prayer with them and it changed everything. People cant say no to blessings. :) 
During one of our adventures knocking doors, we saw a little lady with bags in her hands trying to unlock her door. We went and offered to help. She finally got the door open and I began to introduce ourselves as missionarie. I could barley get out misioneras de la iglesia de Jesucristo... and whack, the door shut right in my face. hahaha it wasnt her time for our message I guess!

On Sunday I was sitting next to my investigator, Oscar. Oscar is 51 years old and has had a life full of drinking. Everyone knows of him as the drunk guy. We knocked on his door and a family member of his told us his name and that we should come back because he needed help changing his life around. Anyway, he has the desire to change. He isnt proud of his past and he is changing his life. He has stopped drinking and now he has a baptism date! Anyway, I was sitting next to him during Sacrament meeting. He asked me how to say sin in English. When the meeting ended, he turned to me and asked if he was going to be completely clean from his sins with baptism. When he asked me I seriously got chills. I explained that yes, he will be completely clean from his 51 years of sins and that Heavenly Father will remember his sins no more.

We are also teaching a 15 year old, Katherine. Her dad is a member but inactive and her mom is a different religion. She wants to be baptized but she needs parent permission because of her age. Each time we visit the mom is so angry. She barley even looks at us. Anyway, we decided to go visit Katherine and her mom with the Young Womens president who is a return missionary, Hermana Deras. I dont know what Hermana Deras did but she brought a spirit and a light into that home that hadnt been there in a long time. The mom opened up and told us her feelings. She still said no to the baptism because she wants Katherine to change some things first but I know that having Hermana Deras there was a huge blessing! As we left their house, Hermana Deras said "Ive still got it." haha

The couple who were married and baptized, the husband recieved the Priesthood yesterday and they are planning to go to this temple this weekend for baptisms. I love it. When people ask them when they are going to be sealed, they respond "March 20th". They are preparing and waiting patiently for their one year mark as members.

I absolutely love this work. I am so grateful to be an instrument in the Lords hands.The church is true people. Live it and love it. :)

Lots of love!! 
Hermana Ferre 

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