Monday, February 23, 2015


Hello hello family and friends!

 Another week is in the books. Time is flying by. I can{t believe it! This week was a good one. There is always something good to focus on, right? This week we had changes so it was a crazy week full of adjustments. My new companion is Hermana Garcia. She is 22 and from the Dominican Republic. Her and I were in the same District in my other area and now we are companions! She has a fun personality and we have been working hard together and seeing miracles. As a mission, we all fastedSaturday to Sunday. We have a goal as a mission to baptize 1600 in the year which means 2 baptisms each companionship each cambio. We met as a District to begin and end the fast. One of the blessings my companion and I had from the fast was we had 7 investigators attend church yesterday. The best part is that all of them came on their own, because they wanted to come. It made me realize that really this is the Lord{s work. There are people who are prepared. And by our small sacrifices we really can witness miracles. 

So a story from when I was with Hna Roa. We were walking and walking. Then we walked some more. We knocked on doors and contacted in the street for the entire afternoon. We had appointments that fell through and we literally were walking in a giant circle. We decided that we would go back to the first house and try to find the hermana again. She was home! Hermana Araceli. She is so sweet. We got to know her and taught Plan of Salvation because her mom passed away. At the end of the lesson we asked her to say the closing prayer. As she prayed, she prayed for us as missionaries then she prayed for our families. She asked to "bless their families in Utah and Columbia". When she prayed for my family back in Utah I felt the Spirit so strong. With chills and everything!I feel so blessed that she not only thought about me but about my family back at home. Then we went to the second appointment that fell through and he was home! His name is Cesar and he really is a miracle. I prayed that day before we left the house that we could "ver un milagro" and my prayer was answered. The Spirit was so strong during our lesson. We invited him to church and to be baptized and he told us yes to both. We havent put a date on him but I know without a doubt that he is prepared and ready for this gospel. 

Whenever my companion and I cross the busy streets, we of course use caution but always cross and say [con fe![ The funny thing is that we were with Hermana Estelita. We went to cross the street and Hermana Roa and I began to cross.I don{t think Hermana Estelita would have crossed in that moment if she was alone so Hermana Estelita started to run. She shuffled right along.This little abuela shuffling along next to us. It was the funniest thing. My companion and I laughd and laughed.

We had intercambios the other day. I was with Hermana Cutler! She is from Utah also. It was fun to talk in Spanglish.Imagine two gringas in El Salvador' we stood out. We visited a member, Hermana Berta Brass. She speaks English because she lived in San Fransico for 47 years. She told us how she learned English. She taught herself by reading the Bible in English. One day her son said to her husband, "what am I supposed to call you, thee or thou?" I thought it was so funny. Our lesson with her was a fun change of pace. She spoke all in English and we responded in Spanish. I understand mostly everything in Spanish but it was refreshing to really understand everything without having to focus and concentrate super hard haha. 

We had interviews with Presidente and house checks with Hermana Spjut. We cleaned the house so well and mopped the morning of interviews so the house would smell good for Presidente and Hermana Spjut. The first thing Presidente did when he walked in was comment about the cinnamon scent. We passed with flying colors, did not miss one point!

All in all, this week was a good one. We worked hard and we are seeing some good results. Enjoy your week. :)

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